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Huawei Hongmeng's original App is expected to add two: Douyin and Ruixing start recruitment for related positions.

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Thanks to netizens Sinner and former Apple users for their clue delivery! November 26 news, according to netizens' feedback, a number of companies have recently begun Hongmeng native app-related recruitment work, Douyin, Luckin Coffee have been online Hongmeng related positions.

Among them, byte jump went online as a "big front-end senior development engineer", mainly responsible for Douyin large front-end infrastructure engineering and architecture design, large front-end infrastructure construction. This position requires front-end engineering experience, familiar with JavaScript / TypeScript language, code cleanliness; Android Compose, iOS SwiftUI, Hongmeng ArkTs development experience is preferred.

Luckin Coffee is recruiting senior Android mobile development engineers, mainly responsible for high-performance, high-availability UI development of clients on multiple complex Android platforms and Hongmeng platform. The position requires more than 5 years of research and development experience in Android platform, proficient in the principles and customization processes of commonly used cross-platform frameworks (RN, Flutter, etc.).

RN cross-platform, international and Hongmeng platform development experience is preferred; those who have developed large-scale projects using ArkTS are preferred, and advanced certification of HarmonyOS application developers is preferred.

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