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The new version of Tesla Model 3 arrived at the delivery center in Malaysia and is expected to be delivered on December 8.

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Shulou( Report--, November 27, according to foreign media teslarati reports, Tesla Model 3 refurbished version has arrived at the delivery center in Malaysia, X user Bryan Lee posted a photo of the vehicle in the delivery center, loaded into a truck for delivery.

Many owners of Tesla's Model 3 refurbished version point out that their delivery is scheduled for next week and is expected to be December 8. noted that Tesla was allowed to start importing vehicles to Malaysia in February and officially started selling in the country in July. The car is not yet available in North America, but there have been several sightings in the United States and are expected to be launched on the African continent in the coming months.

In China, Tesla Model 3 refurbished version of the current two models are 261400 yuan and 297400 yuan respectively, CLTC life up to 606km and 713km.

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