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Xiaomi has a Dream GlassLead SE intelligent AR glasses all-in-one machine on the shelves: the 90s and 176th FOVs, which lasts for 4 hours and gets 2699 yuan.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues! November 27 news, Xiaomi has products on the Dream GlassLead SE smart AR glasses all-in-one machine, is now crowdfunding, delivery before December 10, to hand price 2699 yuan.

Dream GlassLead SE built-in 5500mAh battery, battery life about 4 hours; storage specification for 2GB+32GB, support WiFi, Bluetooth connection; the use of integrated ergonomic design, uniform front and rear weight, headwear structure synchronous optimization of optical design to adapt to glasses users, the main body 170g, rear battery compartment 160g. with specification parameters:

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