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Star Yao Optical Officer announced its first autofocus lens AF50mm F1.4, with Sony E, Fuji X and Nikon Z bayonet

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen shutiao for the clue delivery! November 27, Star Yao Optics announced that its first autofocus lens, AF50mm F1.4, will be released soon, with Sony E, Fuji X and Nikon Z bayonet, 58mm filter interface, and recent focus distance of 0.5m.

As far as knows, there are mainly 5 domestic automatic lens brands, namely Yong Nuo, Wei Zhuoshi, Carpenter Optics, Meike and Rock Star. Earlier, Sirai Optics revealed that a large aperture automatic lens would be released soon, and seven craftsmen have now begun to test their autofocus lens products.

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