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The world's first back-contact micron photovoltaic cell with the thickness of two hairs

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 27 (Xinhua)-- an international research team led by the University of Ottawa in Canada has developed the world's first back-contact micron photovoltaic cell with a thickness of only two hairs. Compared with traditional solar technology, it has significant advantages, can reduce the shadow caused by 95% electrode, and may reduce the cost of energy production.

"these micron photovoltaic cells have remarkable characteristics, including extremely small size and significantly reduced shadows. These features are suitable for a variety of applications, from the densification of electronic devices to solar cells, light nuclear cells for space exploration, and the miniaturization of telecommunications and Internet of things equipment," said Karin Hinzer, associate dean of the School of Engineering and research chairman of the University of Energy and Photonic Devices. noted that Hinzer added: "the development of the first back-contact micrometer photovoltaic cell is a key step in miniaturizing electronic devices."

The research results have been published in the journal Cell report physical Science (Cell Reports Physical Science) entitled "3D Interconnection of III-V Semiconductor heterostructures for miniaturized Power Devices".

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