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With the ability to do all kinds of things, AI application scenarios in Fujian are blooming everywhere.

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From November 21 to 23, the media visit camp with the theme of "Hongmeng opened thousands of miles to build Digital Fujian" was successfully held in Fujian Province. Many media reporters entered the enterprises with the characteristics of artificial intelligence. conduct in-depth exchanges with enterprise leaders, engineers and other staff to understand in detail the scene application and innovative achievements of artificial intelligence technology The application prospect and development trend of artificial intelligence technology in economic life are discussed together.

As one of the important driving forces of the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence has become a strategic emerging technology of the new generation of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change by virtue of its strong information processing ability, diversified scene adaptation, avoiding artificial subjective deviation and so on. In recent years, Fujian Province has made in-depth digital transformation and intelligent upgrading, continuously ploughed the development of artificial intelligence industry, and launched many policies such as "Ten measures to promote the Development of artificial Intelligence Industry in Fujian Province". We will vigorously promote the integration and symbiosis of artificial intelligence and thousands of industries, release the "head wild goose" vitality of artificial intelligence in an all-round way, and inject new momentum into the development of digital economy. Enhance the core competitiveness of Fujian artificial intelligence industry.

Fuzhou is the "outpost" of artificial intelligence industry development in Fujian Province. Fujian artificial Intelligence Computing Center (hereinafter referred to as "Computing Center"), a new national open and innovative platform of artificial intelligence public computing power, has been incorporated into the national artificial intelligence computing strategy system, and there are several artificial intelligence industrial parks here. The aim is to gather the advantages of resources, strengthen the cluster effect of scientific and technological innovation, and form the centripetal force of urban development. Many artificial intelligence industry conferences, summit forums and innovation events are held here to bring together talents from all over the world to talk about the digital future.

This media visit, taking the artificial intelligence industry development forum of "2023 Belt and Road Initiative International Business Association Conference" as the anchor, invited industry leaders, experts, scholars, opinion leaders, as well as representatives of enterprises upstream and downstream of the artificial intelligence industry chain in the province. share their latest achievements and thoughts in the field of artificial intelligence, so that media workers have more opportunities to experience the charm of artificial intelligence and witness more innovative practices. Witness the development and growth of Fujian AI industry, witness Fujian's new future in the field of artificial intelligence. For Fuzhou and even Fujian Province, the artificial Industry Summit Forum will further strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between Fujian and the national artificial intelligence industry, and promote the deepening and implementation of Fujian artificial intelligence industry.

With the improvement of quantity and quality, AI helps enterprises to get rid of the clouds and see the fog.

In Weiku (Xiamen) Information Technology Co., Ltd., the "Warp Knitting defect Detection Scheme" developed based on Teng AI is playing on the screen. The manufacturing industry can rely on AI machine vision to realize the machine inspection of products in the production process, carry out omni-directional and three-dimensional quality monitoring of products, screen and repair defective products in time, and greatly improve production efficiency. At present, the warp knitting defect detection scheme has been successfully deployed to thousands of warp knitting machines, which has become a reliable choice for digital upgrading of product lines in manufacturing enterprises.

General Manager of Lin Ruibin Weiku (Xiamen) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (first from right)

In Fujian Institute of Information Technology, the "Zhihui platform", which is connected to the Teng AI platform, has aroused widespread concern. Zhihui platform uses AI machine vision technology to intelligently identify whether there are insect pests in the greenhouse, and actively feedback the relevant information collected to the operation and maintenance management platform. When eliminate virus is confirmed to be carried out on the pest, the staff can issue control commands through the Huawei Internet of things cloud platform, and the Zhihui platform will actively control the micro system of the intelligent greenhouse to kill the pest at a fixed point, which is more organic, more environmentally friendly and simpler than the drug eliminate virus in the entire greenhouse.

Fujian Institute of Information Technology "Zhihui platform"

In Kangjin (Xiamen) holding Co., Ltd., the artificial intelligence-aided diagnosis equipment of traditional Chinese medicine attracts the media to stop. The AI assistant diagnosis instrument of traditional Chinese medicine is a kind of intelligent assistant diagnosis equipment of traditional Chinese medicine cloud based on multimodal large language model. With the help of Teng Teng AI, it can realize the objective collection of watching, smelling, asking and cutting, and carry out intelligent analysis according to the collected information, and provide a test report for reference for remote consultation.

Founder and CEO of Su Songzhi Kangfu (Xiamen) Holdings Co., Ltd. (first from left)

In Fujian Chaoshu Technology Co., Ltd., the digital man in singing attracted everyone's attention. Chaoshu join hands with the computing center to achieve a more realistic digital image by optimizing the digital human training technology. The two sides share data sets to provide users with more diversified and personalized digital image options, while relying on the Pengteng platform for their own interface and creation, so that users can easily make personalized video content.

Zheng Jiahuang, Deputy General Manager of Fujian Super number Technology Co., Ltd. (first from right)

The connection of innovation and the promotion of ecological development by industrial clusters

Fujian artificial Intelligence Computing Center, built on the model of "one center, four platforms", has become a brand-new business card for the development of Fujian artificial intelligence industry in recent years. As the first large-scale artificial intelligence computing cluster in Southeast China, Fujian artificial Intelligence Computing Center also has Fujian artificial Intelligence Ecological Innovation Center, inclusive computing platform, industrial aggregation platform, innovation incubation platform and talent training platform. to provide 105p inclusive computing power for surrounding industries. At present, Fujian artificial Intelligence Computing Center has joined more than 170 business partners and successfully incubated more than 70 artificial intelligence innovative solutions, opening a new chapter in the development of Fujian artificial intelligence industry. In addition, the Fujian artificial Intelligence Computing Center also carries out scientific research and innovation in many universities within the United Nations, jointly develops innovative events, and helps cultivate AI talents, such as jointly building a sign language translation model with Xiamen University and building a ChatImg model with Renmin University of China. From a long-term perspective, Fujian artificial Intelligence Computing Center will become the "central anchor" for the development of Fujian AI industry. Through the strong computing power of Teng AI and the compound advantages of industrial agglomeration, it will break through the ecological closed loop of "politics-industry-learning-research-use", grow into the highland and benchmark for the development of artificial intelligence industry in Fujian Province, and become the reference and coordinate of artificial intelligence ecological construction in the whole country.

Chen Shuang, Chief engineer of Fuzhou Electronic Information Group Co., Ltd.

Seeing wisdom in the cloud, Teng Teng AI enables the design to be unique.

With the help of AI-aided design masters, in the textile production process, we can achieve the AI design of cloth patterns, only need to enter a paragraph of text to generate the corresponding pattern, designers on this basis for customized modification, will be able to complete customer customization needs, Changle Lianda Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Digital Industry Interconnection Technology Co., Ltd. Chief engineer Qiu Xinqiang introduced to reporters. AI aided design masters are built on the basis of Pangu AI. Under the in-depth analysis of the large model of Pangu painting, Changle Lianda Chemical Fiber can be customer-oriented, research and development of professional products belonging to different customer groups, while improving the efficiency of research and development, it can also provide more reference options to customers and improve the key competitiveness of enterprises. From a certain point of view, AI aided design master is not only a design tool, but also provides a new mode of production with AI as the core for enterprises.

Production workshop map of Changle Lianda Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

Product map of Changle Lianda Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

Artificial intelligence is the cross-integration of computer, mathematics, bionics, statistics and other disciplines. its ultimate goal is to realize machine independent thinking and decision-making by simulating the learning, reasoning, perception and action ability of human intelligence. and then independently, independently, intelligently solve a series of complex tasks and functions. In this process, we not only need the continuous progress of artificial intelligence technology itself, but also need to think deeply about how to deeply integrate artificial intelligence with human society, economy, culture and other fields in order to achieve a truly intelligent society.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is a field full of opportunities and challenges, and its development will profoundly change our lives and bring infinite possibilities for the future development of human society. But in this process, we need to meet, explore and innovate with an open mind.

The new era calls for new actions, and the new journey requires new responsibilities. In the future, Fujian artificial Intelligence Computing Center will continue to strengthen in-depth cooperation with the upstream and downstream of industrial ecology, jointly explore the future development direction of artificial intelligence technology, and constantly integrate artificial intelligence into the ecology of various industries in Fujian Province. enable the improvement of production efficiency, the optimization of business processes, the improvement of customer experience, and then contribute to the construction of digital Fujian and digital China.

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