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Inject new vitality into the shoe leather industry │ China International Footwear Fashion week and the Fifth 5G Digital order Fair of Huilima

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Shulou( Report--

On November 24, in Yongjia, an important footwear town on the north bank of Oujiang in Wenzhou, China International Footwear Fashion week and Huilima Fifth 5G Mathematical order Fair (Spring 2024) opened in Huilima Puxi 77.

One-stop selection service with the advantages of agglomeration industrial belt

Fujian Special Hall

Guangzhou Special Hall

Huilima explosive Design Lab, one-stop selection Center

Relying on the powerful capacity of the Internet platform of Huilima shoe leather industry, the exhibition deeply integrated the head supply chain manufacturers from Fujian, Guangdong, Wenzhou and other industrial belts, bringing a full range of products including light outdoor, sports and leisure in the spring of 2024, providing one-stop national supply choices for buyers from all over the country.

On the first day, it attracted more than 1500 professional buyers to visit and exchange. it is expected that by the end, the reception will exceed 5000, fully demonstrating the vitality and unlimited business opportunities of the shoe leather industry.

Release of Vali 3.0in tandem footwear industry full link with AI

At the opening ceremony, the "Vali shoes AI Design platform" tailor-made for the shoe leather industry once again became the focus of the audience. With the popularity of AI applications in the industry, since its release at the end of June this year, the platform has been upgraded and iterated continuously in the past five months, and optimized according to multi-party feedback in an effort to meet customer needs. So far, the number of registered users has reached 17631, the number of monthly active users is 11927, and cooperative relations have been established with 35 universities and 219 enterprises.

On the spot, Vali 3.0 version was officially released, newly launched the "trend content" section, increased the color library, and added one-button matting, sole surface, inspiration fusion and other functions. The innovation was jointly developed by a technical team led by artificial intelligence scientist Dr. Min Wanli and a team of senior craftsmen in the shoe industry. In the future, it will achieve a seamless link between the design end and the retail terminal, bring a more efficient and intelligent design and production mode for the shoe industry, and open a new chapter in the shoe industry.

Technology and industry collide, Whilima and Feipomegranate start strategic cooperation

Huilima signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Feimei Technology, a leading artificial intelligence company in China, to jointly promote the digital and intelligent process of the shoe leather industry. Whitima, as the S2b2c platform of the vertical footwear industry, is always committed to improving the efficiency of the industry. This cooperation with Feipomegranate Technology will carry out footwear trading business through good Freight Express system and Black bag system, and achieve omni-directional strategic cooperation in the field of supply chain and sales.

At the same time, through the integration of the AI+SCM+MES system, the two sides will jointly open up the market and create China's leading Internet platform for the integrated industry of shoes and clothing production, supply and marketing. This cooperation will not only promote the upgrading of the footwear industry and enhance the overall competitiveness, but also show the infinite possibility of the collision and blending of science and technology and industry.

Gather the elites from the upstream and downstream of the whole industry chain to plan a new path for the development of the industry.

This order fair integrates the industry salon, providing a valuable opportunity for industry exchange, in-depth learning and resource fission. The person in charge of the shoe leather association, representatives of well-known brands, e-commerce celebrities, as well as shoe factory owners, print houses and design room leaders from Fujian, Guangdong and Wenzhou gathered together to create a grand event of the whole industry chain. Industry leaders share live e-commerce experience and future trends, explore how factories can meet e-commerce needs, upgrade service strategies, and provide suggestions for the development of the industry.

Zhou Tiankai, founder of Mengkai Technology and leading figure in live e-commerce for women's shoes in Wenzhou, shared the interpretation of the trend of live e-commerce products, revealing the secrets of success and trend analysis. Red Dragonfly E-commerce Operations Director Liu Tao interprets "platform e-commerce demand and supply" and analyzes the new rhythm of industry commodities, the relationship between clothing trends and footwear, e-commerce selection strategies and supply chain cooperation ideas. Wang Xiaofeng, founder of Yifeng shoes, shared how supply chain factories better meet and match the needs of live e-commerce and traditional e-commerce, and how to upgrade and serve customers.

During the discussion session, the guests discussed in depth the core topics such as the commodity supply chain, dredged the difficulties in the industry, and made it possible to break the bottleneck of development. Qian Jinbo, chairman of Whilima, concluded in four sentences: "only by building a business ecology, highlighting personal value, grasping the direction of growth, and walking together can we go further." He said that the Whelima platform aims to achieve the sharing of resources, bring together the forces of all parties, remove barriers to communication between peers, and enable all participants to have access to more information and opportunities. On such a platform, everyone can not only achieve self-value, but also jointly create a brilliant future for the industry.

As a shoe leather digital intelligence supply chain service platform, Huilima is not only committed to the integration of industrial resources, to provide enterprises with one-stop selection services, but also through advanced digital intelligence means to help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency in operation and achieve efficient operation. Through carefully planning and holding China International Footwear Fashion week, 5G Digital order Fair, Industrial Salon and Industrial study Society rich and colorful industrial activities, the platform constructs the ecology of footwear industry chain and promotes the process of industrial digitalization. to inject new vitality and power into the leapfrog of Chinese shoes to the footwear capital of the world.

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