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The first preview of "GTA 6" is just around the corner, and it is reported that R Star has released a promotional email to people in the industry.

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Thanks to netizen OC_Formula for the clue delivery!, Nov. 27, a member of Capcom's US quality assurance team named "Nima" tweeted that they had received an email from Rockstar Games (R Star) about the upcoming "GTA 6".

Nima did not disclose any details of the email, except that the sender was RGSYNC PR and the headline "[important] opens the next chapter". noted that R Star has a long-standing relationship with Capcom, which was responsible for releasing all GTA games from "GTA 3" to "GTA 4" in Japan between 2003 and 2008.

Authenticity declined to comment because Nima provided too little information and no other insiders claimed to have received promotional emails. But this behavior is not uncommon, which helps both sides to schedule the release so as not to conflict with other games.

R Star has not officially announced the release date of the "GTA 6", only that it will be released in early December. TGA will hold an award ceremony on December 6, which will be a major release window, but R Star may also announce itself and not gain attention through other platforms.

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