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Alternative upgrade Virtualization | Tianyuan Group easily launches the cloud through the cloud axis technology ZStack Cube super converged all-in-one machine

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The digital economy is accelerating the development of high-quality upgrading in various industries. Cloud computing is the core infrastructure of the digital economy. As a cloud basic software company, Cloud Axis Technology ZStack insists on independent innovation and self-research architecture. The product matrix can fully cover data center cloud infrastructure, and implement management, substitution and upgrade for virtualization resources, covering four scenarios: ZStack virtualization platform replacement virtualization, ZStack Cloud cloud platform replacement upgrade virtualization, ZStack Cube super-converged all-in-one machine replacement upgrade virtualization, and ZStack Cloud cloud platform nano-management virtualization.

Currently, Cloud Axis Technology ZStack ranks first among independent cloud vendors in IDC's "China Cloud system Software Market tracking report 2023H1". At present, it has landed more than 400 Duoxin Chuangyun, and joined hands with 600 partners to help more than 3000 enterprise-level users transform digitally. In this context, we have planned the column "Virtualization alternative case Room" to share the practice of digital construction of Chinese enterprises. This issue shares the digital construction practice of Tianyuan Group.

Tianyuan Group uses cloud axis technology ZStack Cube super converged all-in-one machine to replace and upgrade the original virtualization environment to provide it with high-performance and high-availability computing, storage and network resource pool; combined with VMware nanotube and V2V migration module, it realizes the unified management of the original virtualized business system. And through the unified management platform to achieve visual management and flexible expansion of IT resources to help users quickly build a simple, stable, secure and efficient next-generation cloud infrastructure.

Large comprehensive construction enterprise group

Tianyuan Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianyuan Group) is a large comprehensive enterprise group, AAA special credit enterprise, the group and its subordinate companies have 2 special qualification for general contracting of construction projects, 1 special qualification for general contracting of municipal public works, a number of design Class A qualifications and Class A qualifications for construction and municipal supervision, and the right to contract for foreign-related operations.

Virtualization resources are difficult to meet existing needs

With the increasing number of business systems of Tianyuan Group, the business deployed on the VMware virtualization platform and physical machine has been difficult to meet the needs of the development of enterprise information. The main reason is that the equipment on the original VMware virtualization platform has outdated versions, difficult to upgrade, slow business deployment, long online process, complex examination and approval, high operation and maintenance costs and other problems, which cause many obstacles to the production and operation of Tianyuan Group. In order to quickly respond to the online efficiency of business systems and meet the operation of current enterprise OA, ERP and other application systems, Tianyuan Group urgently needs to build a set of advanced cloud platform to enhance the user experience.

ZStack Cube Super converged all-in-one Machine instead of upgrade Virtualization

Tianyuan Group integrates computing, network and storage resources through cloud axis technology ZStack Cube super-converged all-in-one machine, builds a unified resource pool, and realizes the replacement and upgrade of the original virtualized resources; combines VMware management module to manage the original virtualized resources; and migrates the business on VMware virtualization to ZStack Cube super-converged all-in-one machine through V2V migration service. At the same time, through the introduction of automatic management and other technical means to provide multi-tenant resources self-management, self-service, to achieve dynamic deployment of cloud platform resources for the group, and improve the efficiency of the group business online.

In addition, Tianyuan Group realizes visual management and flexible expansion of IT resources through a unified management platform, helping users to quickly build a simple, stable, secure and efficient next-generation cloud infrastructure, changing the previous situation that virtualization systems cannot be upgraded and data center resources are tight.

Super converged architecture brings a lot of benefits to customers.

Cloud out of the box, easy to expand

Through out-of-the-box cloud delivery, users can avoid the time and cost pressure of purchasing, configuring and deploying hardware equipment, and greatly shorten the project deployment cycle. At the same time, the one-click expansion function can help users quickly increase storage space and computing resources, reduce the IT cost and management difficulty of the group, and improve business flexibility and response speed.

Simplify the mode of operation and maintenance and reduce the manpower cost of operation and maintenance

Through the introduction of automatic management and other technical means to achieve centralized and unified management, scheduling and maintenance of all kinds of IT resources, improve the quality of IT operation and maintenance, and shorten the system launch time of various business platforms.

Improve business stability and reduce failure rate and downtime

In order to ensure the security of business data, the strategic incremental backup of the CVM based on snapshot technology is combined with cloud firewall and security group, as well as the data three-copy mode to protect data security in different dimensions.

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