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For Chinese tourists, all stations on some light rail lines in Bangkok, Thailand support WeChat Pay to buy tickets.

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According to news on December 21, @ Tencent Zhang Jun, public relations director of Tencent, posted on Weibo today that on December 20, the Public Transportation system (BTS) in Bangkok, Thailand, announced that all stations in Bangkok had supported WeChat Pay to buy tickets.

Zhang Jun said that during this year's National Day, Bangkok's public transportation system has opened six popular stations and more than 60 ticket vending machines to access WeChat Pay.

According to InfoQuest and other local media reports, Thailand's Bangkok public transportation system and local traffic card Rabbit Card (Rabbit Card) have announced support for WeChat Pay to purchase tickets, and the service supports Chinese tourists to use WeChat Pay through the Rabbit Gateway payment system.

At present, the service has been piloted on more green and gold lines for Chinese tourists, and Chinese tourists can pay their tickets on the vending machine through WeChat Pay. Early next year, the service will also be extended to yellow line and pink line. According to the person in charge of the public transportation system company in Bangkok, during the pilot service, the daily transaction volume of WeChat Pay can reach 3000-4000.

Japan's Tokyo Metropolitan Transport Bureau also announced last month that it supports the purchase of "Tokyo Metro pass" and Jingcheng Skyliner (express train) one-way tickets suitable for Tokyo subway and related lines through Wechat App, previously reported. "We have high expectations that the number of Skyliner passengers from China will increase than ever before," said the planning and management manager at the headquarters of Jingcheng Electric Railway. "

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