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AITO: two and a half months after the release of the new M7, the number of cars has exceeded 100000, which is jointly designed by Huawei and Cyrus.

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Thanks to netizens CMCC, selling melons in the back row, very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! November 27 news, @ AITO announced today that only two and a half months after the launch of the new M7 model, the number of the new M7 has exceeded 100000, known as the "boundary speed" refresh.

The new M7 model will also enjoy rights of up to 27000 yuan, as well as a cash subsidy of up to 10000 yuan, according to officials.

Comprehensive previously reported that on November 15, AITO announced that the new M7 had exceeded 90,000 units in 64 days of launch. In the declaration list of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology this month, the post-intellectual driving version of the new M7 also completed the declaration. It is equipped with extended-range hybrid system and provides a drive motor with peak power 130kW or 200kW. As a range extender, the maximum net power of the engine is 110kW, the maximum net power of the engine is 0.85L or 1.06L per 100 km, and it is equipped with Ningde ternary lithium battery.

According to Selis's announcement on the 1st of this month, the company sold 14506 vehicles in October, up 20.41% from a year earlier. AITO delivered 12700 new cars in October 2023, of which the new M7 delivered 10547 new cars, a single model delivered more than 10,000 a month, a record high, and the number of new cars in the whole department reached 57829 in October.

Qie M7 officially went on sale on September 12. The car offers five configurations and two seating layouts of five or six seats, with a guided price range of 249800 yuan, which officials say will be delivered as soon as possible.

M7 Plus five-seat rear-drive version: 249800 yuan

M7 Plus five-seat four-wheel drive version: 284800 yuan

M7 Max five-seat smart driver version: 309800 yuan

M7 Plus six-seat rear-drive version: 269800 yuan

M7 Max six-seat smart driver version: 329800 yuan

The QQ M7 is equipped with Huawei ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, which can realize intelligent driving in high speed and urban areas without relying on high-precision maps. It is expected that the urban NCA in the urban area will be able to drive "all over the country" in December this year; it is equipped with 27 sensing hardware, including 1 overhead lidar, 3 millimeter wave radar, 11 high-definition visual perception cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars, to support valet parking and ultra-narrow parking in the park.

The new car is equipped with a "super desktop", which can complete the App transfer screen at the touch of the phone. Xiaoyi Voice also supports offline voice navigation, voice-controlled photography, payment without getting out of the car, and other functions. The rear of the front seat of the new car is also equipped with a rear-facing MagLink, which can absorb Huawei tablets and achieve multi-device linkage, which claims to create a "mobile whole-house intelligence": the intelligent cockpit can be turned into a personal studio, a multi-person conference room and a children's study according to individual needs.

In terms of power and driving control, the new car upgrades Huawei DATS 2.0 and double FSD variable damping shock absorbers with front and rear suspension, and is equipped with DriveONE extended range electric drive flat vehicle. The acceleration time of the four-wheel drive model is 4.8s. Under the condition of full fuel and full electricity, the comprehensive range of the new car can reach 1300km, the range of pure electricity can reach 260km, and the fuel consumption is 5.6 L for 100 kilometers.

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