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711 convenience store announces large-scale introduction of AI in the Japanese market from next year: to analyze data, plan new products, generate advertising materials, etc.

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Shulou( Report--, November 27, according to the Nikkei News, 711 convenience store announced that it will introduce generative AI on a large scale in the Japanese market next year, which will be used to analyze data, plan new products and generate advertising materials.

▲ Toyuan Nikkei News claimed that before the introduction of AI, the Japanese market 7-11 needed to go through many meetings and discussions, and use questionnaires or consumer surveys to understand the market trends and consumer preferences of that year before launching a series of products, the whole process will take about 10 months.

To speed up development, the company has set up its own cloud AI model, which is said to integrate generative AI such as OpenAI, Google and Stability AI, which can collect multiple data from customer sales data, product manufacturers and social media, use AI to identify consumption trends and launch new product proposals, and generate a series of advertising materials to reduce costs.

It is reported that about 9000 employees and 1000 supervisors in the 7-11 Japanese market have begun to use the relevant AI system frequently, which is said to "reduce the number of internal meetings by 80%, save 90% of the time to market, and enable 711 to launch new products that meet the needs of consumers more immediately in the future." also found that the Nikkei News further noted that 711 is expected to put "goods generated through AI" on the shelves under its own brand "Seven Premium".

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