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Jiangxi issues car consumption coupons: regardless of the price, 3000 yuan per share, a total of 6510

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Shulou( Report--

According to the news of on November 27, according to the official account of Jiangxi, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce will issue "2023 Jiangxi Provincial Automobile consumption coupons" to the province in December 2023, with a special fund of 19.53 million yuan.

Car purchase time: December 1, 2023 (this Friday) 0: 00-December 31, 24:00

Application time for consumption coupons: 0: 00 on December 1, 2023-24:00 on December 31, 2023 (consumption coupons are available on a first-come-first-served basis)

Time for verification and write-off of consumption coupons: from the date of issuance of consumption coupons to January 31, 2024, unused consumption coupons will not be used and invalidated, and the funds will be recovered by the platform and returned to the event organizer.

Application object

During the period from December 1 to 31, 2023 (subject to the time of car purchase invoice), automobile distribution enterprises in Jiangxi Province purchase new non-operating fuel vehicles or new energy vehicles with less than 7 seats (including). Individual consumers who have obtained the car purchase invoice (the title of the car purchase invoice must be the same as the name of their ID card) and registered on the Jiangxi license plate can apply for car consumption coupons. Units, enterprises and other non-individual users who purchase cars do not enjoy subsidies. noted that this event issued a total of 6510 provincial car consumption coupons, regardless of the car purchase price, each car consumption coupon amount is uniformly set to 3000 yuan, the specific denomination is 30 "100.01 yuan less than 100 yuan" consumption coupons, can be superimposed, no change, can not be reused, can not be split. Consumption coupons support online and offline merchants to pay for consumption. "Cloud Flash" App is the application platform for this automobile consumption coupon activity.

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