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Firefox Firefox summarizes the progress in 2023: Web page loading, keyboard response and JS execution speed have all improved

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Shulou( Report--, November 27, Mozilla recently issued an official press release to take stock of the progress made by FireFox Firefox in 2023, mainly focusing on three major improvements in terms of speed, namely, web page loading speed, keyboard response speed, and JavaScript execution time.

It is reported that Mozilla is based on Speedometer 3 and analyzes the data to improve the web experience by collecting user data reports such as page loading, response speed and startup. The details of are as follows:

Optimize page loading speed in terms of web pages, Mozilla uses the "First Contentful Paint" metric (the time it takes the browser to fully load the page) to measure browser performance.

▲ source Mozilla data show that from January 2023 to mid-October 2023, the loading speed of web pages decreased from 250ms to 215ms, an increase of about 15%. Mozilla claims that this is the result of browser optimization.

Optimize keyboard response speed in terms of keyboard response, Mozilla data show that from January 2023 to mid-October 2023, keyboard response speed decreased from 66.5 milliseconds to 61 milliseconds, an increase of about 8 percent.

▲ source Mozilla optimized JavaScript execution time in terms of JavaScript, Mozilla data show that from January 2023 to mid-October 2023, browser JS response speed decreased from 1640 milliseconds to 1260 milliseconds, an increase of about 23.1%.

▲ Image Source MozillaMozilla claims that these data represent a significant improvement in the speed of Firefox browsers in 2023, which has been achieved by optimizing browser performance and the JavaScript engine. More optimizations will be made by the relevant team next year, and more details and progress will be shared in future articles.

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