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Huawei explains Hongmeng Zhihang in detail: the most comprehensive, closest and in-depth mode of cooperation with automobile companies at present.

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Shulou( Report-- news on November 27, noted that today Hongmeng Zhihang official account gave a detailed introduction to Huawei's Hongmeng Zhihang model. Let's take a look.

As we all know, Huawei has three modes of cooperation in the field of smart cars, namely, incremental components and solutions suppliers, HI model and recently upgraded to Hongmeng Zhihang smart car model. Hongmeng Zhixing, whose full name is Hongmeng Intelligent Automobile Technology Ecological Alliance, is a new upgrade of Huawei's smart car selection business.

What models does Hongmeng Zhihang have at present? The Wisdom series launched by Huawei and Selis and Chery are all members of Hongmeng Zhihang, which already has products such as Wisdom M5, Wisdom M7, Wisdom M9 and Wisdom S7. Officials said that in the two and a half months since the launch of the new M7, the cumulative total of the M7 has exceeded 100000, the M9 has not been listed on the market has been popular, and the pre-booked number of the S7 has exceeded 15000.

What is the relationship between Hongmeng Zhixing and Huawei? Hongmeng Zhihang is currently the most comprehensive, closest and in-depth mode of cooperation between Huawei and car companies, with the most advanced Huawei smart vehicle innovation technology and better intelligent experience, such as the omni-directional anti-collision system of the new M7, the valet parking pioneered by Zhijie S7, and the year-end presentation M9 with Huawei's full-stack technology solution.

Hongmeng Zhihang's products, where do consumers buy them, and what about after-sales service? Users can buy Hongmeng Zhihang's products at Huawei flagship stores, Huawei Smart Life Pavilion, Huawei stores and Huawei Mall, and will also enjoy one-stop service such as delivery and after-sales service at Hongmeng Zhihang's unified user center. In addition to technology, Hongmeng Zhixing also has Huawei's capabilities in product, quality, sales, service, marketing and other aspects.

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