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A Japanese company has launched a special HDMI converter for Sony PSP handset, which can output 1080p picture.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 27 (Xinhua)-- A Japanese company named Columbus Circle has announced the launch of a HDMI converter for Sony's classic handset PSP at a price of 7480 yen ( Note: currently about 358 yuan).

According to the official introduction, the product is suitable for both PSP2000 and PSP3000 models, and the PSP1000 cannot adapt because it does not have an image output interface. Its greatest use is to convert and output the picture of the PSP handset through HDMI, and project it to a computer monitor or TV with a HDMI interface at a resolution of 1080p. note: Sony's PSP handset went on sale on December 12, 2004 and ceased production in September 2014. During the ten years of service, the third-party statistics department speculated that the cumulative sales of the console exceeded 82 million.

Some time ago, Shawn Layden, a former Sony SIE executive, showed off a special edition PSP handset he treasured, with the words "the last PSP made in the world" on the left and an accurate life cycle on the right: production began on November 9, 2004 and ended on September 26, 2014, with a total production volume of 82523607 (82.52 million, 3607).

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