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Actively embrace young people! Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance accelerates to the road of high quality development.

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Throughout the consumption keywords in recent years, from "good appearance" to "intelligent" to "experiential consumption". The varied lifestyles of young people are giving rise to a more diverse and differentiated market demand. As the "main force" of market supply, the manufacturing industry how to comply with the trend to better meet young people, has become a common topic of the industry.

Under the trend, we see that some enterprises begin to actively embrace young groups and carry out a comprehensive consumer market exploration and self-upgrading. Xiao Bear, which is committed to making "small household appliances that young people like", is one of them.

From the promotion and innovation of R & D and design, upgrading products in all directions, expanding scenes, enhancing young people's exquisite life experience, to accelerating the transformation of mathematical intelligence, to achieving high quality production and high management efficiency with intelligence and digitalization. In the process of embracing young people, Little Bear has not only brought the whole scene and exquisite lifestyle to young consumers, but also explored a road of high-quality development.

Innovative R & D and design to keep the same frequency with young people

The "2023 Insight report on the consumption of small Household Appliances" released by Curen data shows that young people are the main consumer groups in the small household appliance market. Why are young people keen on small household appliances? Not only because of the outstanding appearance of small household appliances, but also because of its subdivided functional experience and intelligent and convenient operation, it can easily meet their pursuit of high quality of life.

When you are tired from work, there is a healthy and relaxing teapot; when friends get together, there is an electric oven that can be rinsed and baked without a choice. These small household appliances can easily meet the quality of life, which is inseparable from the innovation and deep ploughing of household appliance enterprises in research and development, design and so on. Xiao Xiong is well aware of this, and over the years, guided by the "boutique strategy", it has continuously promoted the boutique of product research and development and design, and implemented in the product, it is a multi-dimensional innovation iteration covering function, appearance, scene and so on. the aim is to create a refined life experience for young people.

Considering that young people are a group with changeable needs, the response speed of demand directly determines the distance between brands and users. Through the research and development of high-quality products, Little Bear Electric Appliances can capture the demands of users at the first time, and then quickly implement the requirements to product development based on the three-level R & D system and R & D team, so that users can get a better product experience in time and deepen their recognition of the brand.

For example, at present, young people are generally busy at work and want to eat healthily, but time is not allowed. Xiao Xiong immediately launched a miscellaneous grain rice cooker with intelligent constant temperature soaking technology, which does not need to be soaked manually in advance. The cooked rice is soft and waxy and more nutritious. Not only that, for single groups, mother and child groups and other different groups, Little Bear also innovated a human food scene, mother and child scene and other scenarios, so that the needs of the subdivided population can be met in a timely manner.

The satisfaction of needs is a necessary condition, on this basis, beauty, style, humanization and other elements are also indispensable for young people. Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance actively promotes high-quality design, and also hopes to change the design from assembly line "paste and copy" to personalized design service through the expansion of senior design team. Therefore, we can see that Xiao Bear's products have a variety of design styles, from color to appearance are close to the aesthetic preferences of young people, and even some small household appliances have become items for their home decoration and home decoration.

Facts have proved that through the two-way efforts of research and development and design, Little Bear Electric Appliances has maintained the same frequency communication with young people, and has won the wide favor of young people during the Singles' Day holiday this year. Among them, hot drinking fountains, rice cookers and other categories topped the best-selling list of Tmall and

Tamping Mathematical Intelligence Manufacturing, accelerating the Industry leadership of Product Power

The current market situation, such as homogenization of products and slowing down of demand growth, intensifies enterprise competition. Little Bear Appliance can achieve stable growth in the general environment, and its product power is self-evident. However, the improvement of product power is not overnight, enterprises need to have an adequate manufacturing basis for support, for Little Bear Electric, it is based on mathematical intelligence manufacturing, thus achieving the overall leadership of quality and efficiency.

From manufacturing to "intelligent production", intelligent production is the core element to improve efficiency and quality. At present, Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance has "five intelligent manufacturing bases + parts production base + operation base", including more than 70 production lines and 2 top domestic automatic production lines. Compared with traditional manufacturing, this kind of intelligent production line upgrade presents many advantages.

Take the workshop of Xiao Xiong Intelligent Chemical Factory as an example, it can make use of data analysis and automatic control technology to realize the monitoring and adjustment of the production process and ensure the stability of product quality; it can also further optimize the production process and reduce human operation errors. improve production efficiency; more in the rapid change of the environment, to ensure the flexible production of enterprises.

For the ultimate control of product quality, Little Bear Electric Appliances has also built a test and evaluation center with an area of more than 2000 square meters. There are many laboratories with different functions, which can carry out experiments on electronics, materials, environment and so on. All small household appliances have to undergo various harsh environmental tests before they can be put into production. It is this meticulous attitude and spirit towards quality that has established the core advantage of high quality and differentiation for Little Bear in the product market.

While strengthening the digital manufacturing capacity, Xiao Xiong Electric Appliances steadily promotes the digitization of the whole process to improve the efficiency of production. Through the system construction and integration in various business areas of research, production, supply, marketing and finance, and using a new generation of digital platforms such as ERP, intelligent manufacturing platform and marketing business platform, it realizes the efficient coordination of enterprise operation and speeds up the transformation of mathematical intelligence. In March this year, Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance also held an in-depth strategic cooperation project launch meeting with IBM, through "one major business and technology restructuring" and "three major management upgrades", accelerated the collaborative management of industrial digitization, and provided a new model for the digital transformation and enterprise management reform of the small home appliance industry.

For the long-term development of enterprises, we should not only grasp the trend of the development of the times, but also have an insight into the wind direction of market changes. With the advent of the wave of digital change, while accelerating the transformation of digital manufacturing, Little Bear does not forget to have an in-depth understanding of the consumer needs of young people, so that it can continue to lead the high-quality development of the industry in the ever-changing market environment. High-quality small household appliances set off a new trend of users' exquisite life in the whole scene.

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