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A gas station in Chongqing was fined more than 140 million yuan for using computer cheating software to control the amount of oil at will.

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Shulou( Report-- november 27 news, According to "Hualong net" Report, Chongqing City Yubei District market supervision bureau according to law to a gas station to make administrative penalty decision: Confiscate fuel dispenser planning control main board 16 and other involved tools, fined more than 1.4 million yuan.

Reported that in March this year, the bureau law enforcement officers in the gas station involved in the law enforcement inspection process found that there is an unknown management system in a computer on the second floor of the business area, causing law enforcement officials suspicion. The original suspicion was verified after a demonstration by law enforcement personnel operating the software on site.

After the measurement and inspection of the tanker by professional technicians, the instructions sent by the software are verified to be able to directly control the actual oil output of the tanker. learned from the report that law enforcement officials have seized equipment and articles such as the main board of the fuel dispenser involved, the computer host with cheating software, etc., and sent the main board back to the original manufacturer for identification. The factory responded that the motherboard was its own product, but the monitoring microprocessor and metering program were inconsistent with the original factory state.

According to the person in charge of the gas station, driven by interests, in August 2022, he hired social personnel to tamper with the motherboard chip program on the original refueling machine, and installed cheating software that can control the oil output in the computer system.

The law enforcement personnel checked and obtained evidence such as equipment, facilities, articles and bills related to the parties involved, and verified that the transaction amount of refined oil products operated by the gas station was more than 20 million yuan as of the time of the crime. The above-mentioned acts have violated the relevant provisions of the Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Gas Station Metrology, and the illegal means are bad, the amount involved is huge and the social harm is great, so the decision of heavier punishment is made.

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