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Japanese technology giant LY has been attacked by a network, and its communications software LINE faces the risk of leaking more than 400000 pieces of personal information.

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Thanks to netizens West window past, soft media users 1520111 clue delivery! November 27 news, local time this afternoon, communications software LINE operator, Japanese technology giant LY (LINE Yahoo) issued an announcement that its server suffered a network attack in October local time.

The company claimed that unauthorized access to its system by a third party was discovered on October 17, which eventually led to the disclosure of information about users, business partners, employees and others. Subsequently, on October 28, the company forced all staff to re-enter the company's internal system and informed users, employees and others today.

The cause of the incident was a malware infection on the computer of a subcontractor employee of Naver Cloud Corporate, a LY-affiliated company. According to the announcement, the contents that may be leaked include: 302569 pieces of user-related information, 86105 pieces of partner-related information, and 51353 pieces of employee and other personnel-related information.

The contents that may be leaked include LINE users' gender, age, purchase records of LINE emoticons, as well as LY's trading partners, employee emails and other information. However, users' bank accounts and credit card information have not been disclosed. Note: LINE and Yahoo implemented the business merger in March 2021 to provide advertising, e-commerce, finance and other web-based services, and plan to achieve the sales target of 2 trillion yen (currently about 95.6 billion yuan) by 2023 fiscal year. Subsequently, LINE announced its name as LY Corporation (the initials of LINE and Yahoo) on October 1 this year.

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