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Xiaomi has products on the shelves, intelligent dual camera S1 cloud version: built-in Mijia security chip, the public is asking for 139 yuan

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues!, November 27 (Xinhua) Xiaomi Youpin recently launched a new smart camera: Ding Zi intelligent dual camera S1 cloud version, the product suggested retail price from 179yuan, public asking price from 139yuan, UP members reduced by 10 yuan on this basis. Click on this crowdfunding summarizes the configuration information of Tinker Zero Intelligent dual camera S1 head:

This smart camera uses an one-machine dual-camera design with a lens combination of fixed viewing angle and mobile viewing angle. Among them, the pixels of fixed lens and head lens are all 2 million.

The two shots can be previewed and played back at the same time, and can be displayed on the same screen in Mijia App. In addition, the dual lenses of the camera support mobile detection, and if an object moves in the picture, it will automatically shoot a video and push it to the mobile phone.

The camera is equipped with four high-power supplementary lights and eight infrared night vision lights, which support infrared night vision and full-color night vision, which is said to be "as dark as day".

When the defense mode is turned on, if there is a moving object in the screen, the camera can automatically issue a warning sound, trigger a light warning at night, and synchronously push the message to Mi's App.

The camera has a built-in Mijia security chip, which claims that each chip has a unique private key and certificate, and supports the international ECC security algorithm. At the same time, the camera also supports two-way voice call function, and adopts H.265 video coding technology, which can reduce the storage space and bandwidth by half compared with H.264.

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