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Monday rise: Tesla China Model Y long-lasting version rose to 306400 yuan

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Shulou( Report--

According to news on November 28, last week, the price of Tesla Model Y long-lasting version increased by 2000 yuan to 304400 yuan. Today, Tesla's Chinese official website shows that the price of the long-lasting version of Model Y has risen again by 2000 yuan, and now it has risen to 306400 yuan.

Since November, Tesla has had four rounds of price increases, among which the long-lasting version of Model Y has gone up twice. summarizes the current pricing of the two models:

Model 3 rear wheel drive refurbished version 261400 yuan

The new version of Model 3 is 297400 yuan.

Model Y rear wheel drive version 266400 yuan

Model Y all-wheel drive long-lasting version 306400 yuan

363900 yuan for Model Y High performance Edition

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