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Hu Weiwu of Godson: Godson IP adopts one-time license and never collects royalties.

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Shulou( Report-- November 28 news, in this morning's 2023 Godson product launch and user conference, the new generation of domestic CPU-- Godson 3A6000 was officially released, with four physical cores / eight logical cores, the main frequency 2.0-2.5GHz.

In addition, Godson ecological partner Suzhou Xiongli Technology has also launched a highly integrated three-layer gigabit network switching chip XL63 series integrated with Godson CPU IP and delivered it to the market. This is also the second company besides Godson to launch dragon architecture chip products, marking a big leap forward in the construction of dragon architecture ecology through open authorization.

Hu Weiwu, chairman of Loongxin, said that the company will build a dragon architecture ecology through sharing and co-building, carry out Godson IP authorization, one-time authorization and never collect royalties, that is, "no commission for selling chips", and there is no need to audit authorized companies.

Godson believes that the current RISC-V architecture is excessively open, the ecology is fragmented, the software is incompatible, and considering that ARM authorization does not allow adding instructions, this limits innovation. Although RISC-V has opened more than 2000 instruction applications, self-increasing instructions need to be in line with hardware specifications and can only be used through open libraries.

Godson 3A6000 adopts the instruction system and architecture designed independently in China, and does not need to rely on any foreign authorization technology. It is a new generation of general-purpose processor independently developed and controlled in China, which can run a variety of cross-platform applications to meet a variety of large-scale and complex desktop application scenarios.

Officials pointed out that its launch marks the independent research and development of CPU in China reached a new height in terms of independent controllability and product performance, and the performance reached the level of international mainstream products. noted that Loongson today also launched the printer master chip Godson 2P0500, which is the first printer master control chip based on independent instruction system in China, as the core control component of the print / scanning machine, the successful research and development of Godson 2P0500 will help promote more domestic printers to the market.

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