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OPPO won the "Green Development Award" for people's Corporate Social responsibility

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▲ OPPO won the people's Corporate Social responsibility "Green Development Award" on December 21, the 18th people's Corporate Social responsibility Award was announced in Beijing, and OPPO's "smile proposal" won the people's Corporate Social responsibility "Green Development Award". The people's Corporate Social responsibility activity, which has been held continuously for 18 years, is one of the earliest activities launched by the central key news websites in the field of corporate social responsibility. Among them, the "Green Development Award" focuses on whether enterprises / institutions adhere to the concept of green development and the institutional mechanism and capacity building of energy conservation and emission reduction in the process of ecological civilization construction in 2023 to help achieve the dual-carbon goal. and praise the subjects who actively fulfill their responsibilities.

As a scientific and technological innovation enabling platform launched by OPPO Research Institute, the "smile proposal" is aimed at scientific and technological innovators and entrepreneurs around the world, soliciting and enabling innovative solutions, and especially adding a "green future" topic to the 2023 "smile proposal", which aims to focus on forward-looking solutions in the areas of environmental protection and low-carbon development, including new energy, new materials and environmentally friendly packaging. OPPO's "smile proposal" was also successfully selected as the "2023 excellent case of Chinese Enterprise ESG". At the 28th United Nations Climate change Conference, which ended not long ago, OPPO joined hands with Blue Crystal Microbe, the award-winning team of the smile proposal, to highlight the technology solution of degradable and environmentally friendly mobile phone packaging to combat climate change through scientific and technological innovation.

At the same time, OPPO will also implement the concept of low-carbon environmental protection to corporate ecology and products to achieve a real "green operation". Last year, OPPO set up a carbon neutralization working group, announced the launch of carbon neutralization planning, determined OPPO low-carbon development goals and action paths, set up 16 carbon reduction scenarios in five areas: operational carbon reduction, energy substitution, planning carbon reduction, product carbon reduction and business support, and issued the "OPPO low-carbon Development White Paper" at MWC 2023, promising to achieve carbon neutralization in its own operations by 2050.

As Liao Jinsong, director of OPPO Research Institute, said, "OPPO will continue to invest in sustainable development and actively explore more green technologies that can be applied to products and manufacturing. In addition, sustainable development requires the joint efforts of more relevant parties. OPPO will maintain an open attitude and invite more partners to promote the process of sustainable development."

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