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The Shenzhen Stock Exchange sent a letter of concern to Simei Media, requesting to explain the specific relationship with the business related to Douyin supermarket.

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Shulou( Report-- news on november 28, simei media in the investor interactive platform reply inquiry said "chatter supermarket at this stage by the company on behalf of the operation," caused netizens hot discussion.

To this, chatter e-commerce official response said: online transmission Simei media on behalf of the operation of chatter supermarket, this is false news. The chatter supermarket business is self-operated by chatter e-commerce.

Yesterday afternoon, due to the impact of this news, Simei Media directly pulled up to 9.99%. This has now caught the attention of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange issues a letter of concern to Simei Media, requiring detailed explanation of the specific business related to Shaking Supermarket in a true, accurate, complete, concise and easy-to-understand manner, including but not limited to relevant business mode, specific business or product provided correspondingly, capital investment, personnel allocation, technology research and development, market development, and the proportion of this business in your company's main business income and net profit, etc.

According to the official website of Simei Media, the company was founded in 2000 and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on January 23,2014. It was the first private advertising company listed on the main board market in China at that time. Currently, the total number of employees is more than 800, and it has three core business segments: marketing service business, film and television content business, digital copyright operation and service.

According to, the chatter supermarket launched the chatter App in January this year, allowing users to shop online in the chatter. Search for "chatter supermarket" in the search bar or shopping entrance, and you can enter the chatter supermarket for shopping.

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