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Office mates of white-collar workers in the workplace! The secret that makes Huawei's MatePad more and more useful is it.

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In the era of mobile office, whether on the way to and from work or on a business trip, people may inevitably receive new job demands at any time. Busy beaters can be seen everywhere on the subway and in coffee shops. An easy-to-use, lightweight and portable equipment is our indispensable "office partner". The recently launched Huawei MatePad Pro 11-inch 2024 model has become a new favorite in the workplace, which is equipped with the latest Harmony OS4 operating system, super relay station, multi-screen collaboration, multi-device communication sharing and other functions, which can bring convenience for multi-device collaboration. Huawei cloud space is not without the cooperation of Huawei cloud space in order to make Huawei bucket devices play a further role.

For white-collar workers in the workplace, meeting highlights, project minutes, and work inspirations all need to be recorded and checked at any time. Huawei MatePad Pro 11 with Huawei M-Pencil with star flash connection technology can easily meet all kinds of recording needs, and Huawei Cloud Space, Huawei's system-level cloud storage service, is the first choice if you want to properly preserve these important data and avoid loss due to accidents. By turning on the corresponding data synchronization option in Huawei's cloud space, the minutes in the memo and the inspiration from Huawei's notes can be uploaded to the cloud in real time and automatically synchronized among multiple devices, not only without having to worry about loss. It can also be viewed at any time on mobile phones, tablets and computers, seamlessly connecting various work scenarios and making the office experience smoother.

Today, our work is no longer limited to the desk, we may also need to deal with work documents when we go out, and PC-level office software can get a better experience. Huawei MatePad Pro 11 can directly run many PC-level applications, such as WPS Office, with the same interface and operation as the computer side, and the tablet can also be easily used. More importantly, we can drag important files on the computer to Huawei cloud disk for secure storage, and the cloud disk files will also be synchronized on multiple ends. When you go out, you can directly open the files on the tablet for viewing or modification, and continue to work anytime and anywhere. Flexible to meet the needs.

For trustworthy cloud storage services, security always comes first. Huawei Cloud Space has full-process encryption measures. The data will be encrypted locally and then transmitted through the HTTPS financial-level encryption channel. Redundant backups of multiple copies will be made when stored in the cloud, and the data will be broken up into several blocks and encrypted using a key. Multiple protection is only to ensure that your data is not lost and leaked, so that your data is visible only to you.

In the face of ever-changing work needs and scenarios, the use of multi-device office is becoming the rigid demand of more and more people. Under the general trend of mobile office, Huawei tablet is undoubtedly our best office partner, and Huawei cloud space can make different devices cooperate efficiently. At present, Huawei Cloud Space has prepared a special benefit for new users to order the 50GB package for 0 yuan in the first month. The upgraded cloud space can help us better store and synchronize more files and data, and further experience. For such an easy-to-use cloud space, choose "upgrade space" in the cloud space and use it with one click.

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