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Qunhui online Baidu Network disk Suite: enhance browsing / synchronization / download function, add 79 yuan / year NAS members

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Monsterwolf for the clue delivery!, December 23, according to Synology Qunhui official account tweet last night, Baidu online disk Qunhui NAS version has now officially landed in the Qunhui suite center, which can bring a freer browsing experience and more stable synchronization.

According to reports, in the past, Qunhui NAS to connect Baidu network disk, need to use the Cloud Sync suite, and can only synchronize the contents of a single folder in the network disk. After the kit is launched, users can browse all the files in Baidu's online disk and download them to NAS. Officials said that with the advantage of NAS 7 × 24-hour online, large files in the network disk can also be "moved back" to the user's NAS.

The source of ▲ image is Qunhui, the same below. comes with the method and points for attention to experience the package.

NAS needs to be above Plus series models (x86), J and Play series models are not supported.

The system version should be DSM 7.2 or above.

Need to install Container Manager and upgrade to the latest version

After meeting the above conditions, search and install "Baidu Network disk" in the center of the suite.

At the same time, Qunhui also launched a "Baidu online disk Qunhui NAS member" with an annual fee of 159yuan / year and an initial price of 79 yuan / year. According to reports, the member can enjoy the following benefits:

Extremely fast download (Qunhui NAS)

Download 3 tasks in parallel

Automatic upload and download

Large files that can be uploaded to 2TB

Support rollover network disk to link to Qunhui

Custom transfer path

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