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Global tech giants embrace the AI revolution in an all-round way, and the panoramic layout of WIMI.US promotes the landing of large model industry applications.

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Sandal Pichai, chief executive of GOOG.US and its parent company Alphabet, said on November 17 that the scale of artificial intelligence projects in China was "shocking" and that "there is no doubt that China will be at the forefront of artificial intelligence in some ways".

Pichai also talked about Google's upcoming Gemini, a large language model trained on a large number of data sets that will compete with other state-of-the-art models to respond to prompts in natural language. Pichai said that the company's current focus is to launch a "1.0" version of Gemini "as soon as possible", and then release a more technologically complex subsequent version.

Fully embrace the AI Revolution in 2023

Admittedly, the advent of artificial intelligence applications such as ChatGPT has brought about a productivity revolution and created all the history in the history of technology, venture capital and the Internet. It opens the imagination space of AIGC (artificial intelligence generated content) and marks that artificial intelligence has become the core technology of the current scientific and technological revolution and will greatly improve productivity.

OpenAI recently announced a series of remarkable new and improved features on its platform, which are designed to further promote the boundary extension of artificial intelligence. These updates not only include new GPT-4 Turbo models with stronger performance and lower cost, but also introduce multimodal capabilities, which will greatly expand the room for developers and researchers to innovate.

There is no doubt that 2023 is the new first year of AI, and AI is a great technological revolution to be faced in the history of mankind. The changes in the next decade will rewrite human history and reconstruct all industries. Characterized by "AI + application", a number of successful cases have been created on the market, thus empowering the development of various industries.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has brought about a major leap in the development of the whole society and economy. From the perspective of capital market, AI infrastructure construction will constitute an important investment opportunity. Multimodal visual interaction era, AI applications blossom, will bring investment opportunities. IDC estimates that the global artificial intelligence market will reach $82 billion in 2026, of which about 80 per cent may be AIGC-related applications.

In order to seize this "tuyere", many large model products based on AIGC have emerged in the market recently, and some application products deeply combined with AI have also begun to be tested online, initially experiencing a virtuous circle of "model-scene-ecology". The development of AI in the future will focus on the actual industrial scene.

Intelligent layout of Weimei holographic AI stack

At present, AI has become the key to the innovation and breakthrough of digital economy. Data show that in the AI era, WIMI.US, a leader in the field of artificial intelligence, actively combines artificial intelligence with industry, and its strategic layout becomes an AI innovative and open technology platform enterprise serving the world. This strategic decision not only conforms to the development trend of the times, but also meets the needs of enterprises to seek their own development and upgrading.

In fact, in recent years, Weimei holography has been applied in artificial intelligence, Internet of things, augmented reality, 5G + and other new technologies, vigorously promoting the technology industry to accelerate iteration. Now, not to mention in the AI era, in order to seek considerable development in the new round of technology wave, Weimei holography will build up the infrastructure for AI innovation transformation, and will open a complete set of technological system and infrastructure capabilities to the society in the form of technical services, take scientific and technological innovation as the foundation, and jointly promote the continuous evolution and integrated innovation of large model technologies such as AI.

Not only that, Weimei holography also provides a full range of AI solutions and service products. The wave of innovation triggered by large models is constantly emerging. Micro-beauty holography has accelerated the exploration and application of major scenes and made efforts to launch AI scene services to help large models of artificial intelligence flourish. It focuses on entertainment and sports, business services, intelligent manufacturing, digital marketing and media applications and other areas, continues to create large model application benchmarking projects, and combines the technological evolution and innovation of the pulse industry. jointly promote the vertical field practice of the large model industry and increase the driving force for development.


AI large model is expected to open a new round of technological innovation cycle, based on the general large model, the construction of industry large model will become the mainstream trend in the future. As AAPL.US (AAPL) CEO Cook also said frankly on the conference call, many Apple products already use AI technology, Apple is investing a considerable amount of money in the field of generative AI, and subsequent consumers will gradually see product progress.

In the follow-up, we will see more and more large models coming out, which provide people with the space for application development. In short, AI is coming into people's lives, and will thoroughly permeate everyone's life and work in the future. And in the future, the landing, popularization and security of AI is not only the subject of intelligent devices, but also related to the whole product portfolio and omni-directional, panoramic capability layout.

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