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Wechat Transit QR Code now supports payment in Hong Kong dollars

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Thanks to netizens for the indecent and funny clue delivery!, November 28, Wechat officially announced that WeChat Pay, together with Hong Kong Wallet WeChat Pay HK and Guangzhou Metro and Yangchengtong, will support Hong Kong residents to choose to use Hong Kong dollars for convenient payment when WeChat Mini Programs and App open Transit QR Code in Guangzhou Metro and Yangcheng Tong.

According to reports, after the opening, Hong Kong people who come to Guangzhou and Foshan can scan the code directly: subway Guangfo line, APM line, bus rapid transit BRT, water bus, tram, etc., and the fare is automatically converted into Hong Kong dollars according to the real-time exchange rate.

In addition to transportation, WeChat Pay also cooperated with nearly 30 shopping malls in the five districts of Shenzhen and was able to settle and communicate with the Hong Kong dollar.

According to previous reports from, the Shenzhen-Hong Kong all-in-one Card was launched in August this year. The card is a contactless smart IC card (with national cross-linking), which can be recharged in renminbi and Hong Kong dollars respectively and can be used in Hong Kong and 327 cities on the mainland.

▲ Picture Source Shenzhen Metro official account

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