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TrollStore troll 2 has been officially released to support the deployment of IPA software on Apple iOS 16-17 partial versions of devices.

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Thanks to netizens 4ccelerat1r, digital spa station, white side pass, Chun Milk Tea, Bai Ling Sauce clue delivery! November 28, TrollStore is a permanently signed non-jailbreak App that allows users to install unsigned IPA files on iPhone / iPad without jailbreaking. noted that troll 2 has been officially released, and that the software part supports iOS / iPadOS 15.5-16.6.1 and 17.0 systems, while in the hardware part, troll 2 supports A11 and previous devices (checkm8), while A12-A17 and M1Gram2 devices can also be installed in related systems due to KFD vulnerabilities in 16.5 and previous systems.

The troll previously claimed that Apple released three rare systems in the early hours of September 22 this year, namely, iOS 16.7, iOS 17.0.1 and iPhone 15's iOS 17.0.2. this update is to fix the CVE-2023-41991 vulnerability, which is the same vulnerability as TrollStore.

However, the vulnerability of implementing TrollStore permanent signature has been fixed in iOS 16.7 and iOS 17.0.1 systems, so subsequent versions cannot exploit related vulnerabilities to deploy related applications.

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