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Loto Technology: the "double reduction" policy creates the demand for educational hardware, and Apes is on the monthly sales list of electronic paper tablets for the first time.

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Shulou( Report--, November 28, Lotu Technology released a report today, reviewing the domestic education hardware market and believing that the e-paper education hardware market has "stepped onto a big step" this year:

Many brands have entered the field of e-paper education, including Hanwang, iFLYTEK, Guowen and other brands have released new e-paper learning products.

The market share of e-paper learning has increased significantly, both in the e-paper flat market and in the learning market.

Loto Technology believes that since the "double reduction" policy, students' demand for extracurricular learning has been faced with a lack of supply, which has created new market opportunities for intelligent terminals such as learning tablets (commonly known as learning machines, learning books, etc.):

Small ape, an Internet teaching assistant company, has achieved rapid growth in sales of e-paper learning books, thanks to the company's continuous improvement of its own products. It has also benefited from its advertising campaigns in major cities, such as ladder media and bus stations, to achieve a significant increase in exposure and influence.

▲ Touyuan Loto Technology found that Lotu Technology data show that Little Ape Learning Ben sold only a few hundred units online in 2022, generally ranking outside the top 10 in the market.

▲ Tuyuan Loto Technology entered 2023, its sales began to keep pace with the first echelon of traditional brands, especially after the release of new machine training products in May, monthly sales remained at more than 5000, ranking steadily into TOP5, and ranked first in October, surpassing iFLYTEK for the first time (the main office book before its e-paper products). Ranked first in the overall online market of electronic paper tablets (including readers, office books, learning books, etc.) in that month, with sales doubling from the previous month, this is the first time that Little Ape has topped the monthly brand sales, and it is also the first time that its online sales have exceeded the 10,000 units mark.

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