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Ask about the release of the new M7 Max rear-drive intelligent driver model: Huawei ADS 2.0 blessing, starting from 289800 yuan

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues such as rain and snow, Xiao Zhanche! According to news from IT House on November 28, at the full-scene press conference of Wisdom S7 and Huawei this afternoon, Yu Chengdong announced the launch of the new M7 Max rear-drive intelligent driver model, which costs 289800 yuan for five-seat version and 309800 yuan for six-seat version.

IT House inquiry learned that the car has been unveiled by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, equipped with extended range hybrid, rear-drive motor 200kW, compared with the four-wheel drive version reduced the price by 20,000 yuan.

IT House notes that there are two versions of the new car, long 5020mm, wide 1945mm, high 1760mm, wheelbase 2820mm and tire specification 255/50R20265/45R21.

This model uses a rated power 70kW / 72kW, peak power 130kW / 200kW drive motor, the maximum net power of the engine is 110kW MagneWLTC fuel consumption of 0.85L or 1.06L per 100 km, equipped with Ningde era ternary lithium battery.

In addition, the new car can also be equipped with three different wheels, supporting optional electric pedals, lidar and window frame trim strips.

In terms of intelligent driving, the new M7 is equipped with Huawei ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, which can achieve intelligent driving at high speed and in urban areas without relying on high-precision maps. The new car is equipped with 27 sensing hardware, including 1 overhead lidar, 3 millimeter wave radar, 11 high-definition visual perception cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars, supporting valet parking and ultra-narrow parking in the park.

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"the new M7 model is on the market: a total of five models with five seats / six seats, which will be delivered from 249800 yuan."

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