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Full matrix zone light control: Sony 65-inch X91L game TV 7999 billion yuan subsidy (initial launch 9999 yuan)

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Sony BRAVIA XR-65X91L 65-inch 4K game TV was released in March this year, equipped with XR cognitive chip, the initial price is 9999 yuan.

Today, greatly promotes the subsidy of 10 billion yuan, and the actual payment is only 7999 yuan, which supports the purchase of twice as much compensation: Sony XR-65X91L 65-inch game TV 4K@120Hz, XR cognitive chip 7999 yuan direct link according to reports, Sony XR-65X91L positioning high-performance game TV, equipped with XR cognitive chip, 4GB memory and 64GB storage, equipped with BRAVIA camera, have to integrate relevant user settings into a new "energy saving panel" option, provide HDMI 2.1interface, support 4K / 120Hz, VRR and ALLM functions It also has the functions of XR Tri charm color Pro, multi-channel screen sound field, NFC touch screen and so on.

On the gaming side, Sony TV's new product supports quick management of game image settings and accessibility in Game Enhancer, as well as the exclusive functions of "HDR Auto Mapping" and "content Adaptive Image Mode" to take the PlayStation 5 gaming experience to a new level of picture quality. Sony XR-65X91L 65-inch game TV 4K@120Hz, XR cognitive chip 7999 yuan direct link

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