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Godson CPU core IP and dragon architecture instruction system open authorization, 10 enterprises signed cooperation agreement

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Shulou( Report-- November 28 news, in this morning's 2023 Loongson product launch and user conference, Loongson Zhongke announced that the Loongson CPU core IP and Dragon architecture instruction system will be open to partners to support partners to develop SOC chip products based on Loongson CPU core IP and Dragon architecture instruction system.

Wang Wenxiang, chief architect of Loongson Zhongke processor core, introduced the research and development of Loongson series CPU core:

Based on the autonomous instruction system dragon architecture, a series of self-developed CPU cores represented by LA664, LA464, LA364, LA264 and LA132 have reached the mainstream level of the same type of product market, which can meet the SOC chip development needs of information processing, network security, industrial control, edge computing, Internet of Things and other applications.

Hu Weiwu, chairman of Longxin Zhongke, said: "Driven by the policy market, the autonomous system based on the dragon structure has basically taken shape, but each link is still relatively weak. A single branch is not spring, a hundred flowers bloom spring garden, Longxin Zhongke will adhere to the concept of co-construction, consultation and sharing, and build a dragon architecture ecology with partners. "

Suzhou Xiongli Technology Co., Ltd., Datang Renewable Energy Experimental Research Institute Co., Ltd., Deyi Microelectronics Co., Ltd., Shandong Lingneng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Three Gorges Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd., National Supercomputing Wuxi Center, Beijing Derui Lingxin Technology Co., Ltd., Industrial Internet Research Institute of Beijing University of Science and Technology, Xi'an Microelectronics Technology Research Institute and North Automatic Control Technology Research Institute signed cooperation agreements with Longxin Zhongke at the press conference. CPU cores based on Dragon architecture are used to design various SOC chips such as supercomputing chips, dedicated control chips, and memory chips. is attached with the following contract diagram:

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