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As a future participant, Baidu Intelligent Cloud Qianfan Model platform hackathon came to a successful conclusion.

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On November 26, the hackathon on the intelligent cloud Qianfan model platform ended smoothly in Beijing. The hackathon is organized by smart cloud and hosted by SegmentFault with the theme of "generating the future for my use". Developers are encouraged to use the intelligent cloud Qianfan model platform to build innovative applications with the theme of "generating the future for my use" and to solve practical problems by using the intelligent cloud Qianfan model platform.

Since its launch, the competition has attracted thousands of developers from more than 40 cities at home and abroad to participate in the competition, and more than 500 developers from 33 detachments have been shortlisted for the finals. Among them are not only students from famous universities at home and abroad, such as the London School of political Science and Economics, the University of Washington, the University of Sheffield, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Nanjing University, etc., but also industry elites from well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as Microsoft, Lenovo,, Douyin, NetEase Games, as well as academic institutions such as the Institute of Computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. After 36 hours of extreme programming, 30 imaginative products Demo were born.

The roadshow specially invited Wu Jianmin, chief architect of intelligent cloud computing AIPaaS technology, Lou Shuangshuang, general manager of product development of intelligent cloud application platform, Gao Yang, co-founder of SegmentFault Sifu CEO and Answer, and Chen Yang, chairman of Kaiyuan Society and chief product manager of Microsoft data Factory, as judges. Industry partners such as Intelligent Cloud Qianfan Community, Zhenge, Sky Eagle Capital, Softong Power, Intel, Kaiyuan, Datawhale, HyperAI Supernerve, open source China oschina, Venture State and other industry partners also provided extensive support for this event.

After a fierce competition, the "Cloud Echo Cloud Echoes" created by the "Jian Lai" team won the first prize, the "AI-Mask" built by the "hairline and my team" won the second prize, and the "AI sales transformation system" developed by the "sales partner Technology" team won the third prize.

At the same time, "AI Music Generator" of "Black creation" team and "masterpiece-Copilot" of "script Freedom" team won special awards; "Little fist", "half the Wall across the River", "DramaGo", "Ruotong Zhisheng", "suva", "OpenHI", "wonderful pen MobbyAI" and "xAGC" won the innovation experiment prize.

Next, let's review the wonderful works of this hackathon.

First prize: using Multi-Agent to create an independent game full of warmth

The first prize-winning "Jian Lai" team created a cure independent game "Cloud Echo Cloud Echoes" through the AI model and SDK provided on the intelligent cloud Qianfan model platform, using a number of Agent. Players can add people or things to their island that they can no longer meet in real life, and continue to interact, and these characters will develop new stories on the island with AI power.

According to Wu Jianmin, chief architect of intelligent cloud computing AIPaaS technology, "Cloud Echo Cloud Echoes" not only shows an embryonic form of future native games, but more importantly, the "Jian Lai" team has insight into an important follow-up direction of the language model-Multi-Agent. Wu Jianmin said, "this is a warm application created by Multi-Agent. This makes me believe that there will be a lot of room for Multi-Agent in a larger C-side scenario in the future."

Second prize: "Comate" available to everyone in an instant messaging environment

"hairline teaming with me" wants to make Comate a tool that everyone can use in daily life, rather than being limited to writing code, so they developed a language assistant "AI-Mask" for instant messaging based on a large language model. It can be said that "AI-Mask" is a perfect interpretation of generative AI for everyone.

Through the user-defined configuration Prompt, the application can provide intelligent dialogue content arrangement and recommendation for various roles and scenarios, which makes up for the problem that most of the existing text retouching software only involves grammatical and semantic modifications, but lacks personalized reply suggestions for specific roles and situations. With its high customization and flexibility, it can better adapt to the communication needs of users and achieve accurate expression.

Lou Shuangshuang, general manager of product research and development of intelligent cloud application platform, said, "from the user's point of view, the team has seriously considered the user-friendly custom configuration, lowered the threshold for use, and has strong practicability." whether it is presented in the form of applications or other plug-ins in the future, it is a good idea for development. "

Third prize: get through the last kilometer from sales to "Portrait"

A thousand people and a thousand faces is not only a charm of private e-commerce, but also a difficulty in fine operation. The "AI sales transformation system" developed by the "sales partner Technology" team is an intelligent sales based on Wechat e-commerce scene. With the help of Wen Xin Da model, the "AI sales conversion system" can recognize the text, voice and pictures of customers in private domain scenarios, achieve automatic transaction, and complete consumer portraits according to dialogue, generating independent sales strategies for each customer, helping every business using Wechat to significantly improve efficiency, and innovation opens the way from sales to the "portrait" of the last kilometer.

Gao Yang, co-founder of SegmentFault Sifu CEO and Answer, affirmed, "this project represents a very clear possibility for the use of AI in business scenarios, which can be continuously improved and landed, and has high commercial application potential."

Innovative experiment Award: technology should enter everyone's life

Chen Yang, chairman of Kaiyuan and chief product manager of Microsoft's data factory, lamented, "I think today's creativity will definitely enter our lives in the next three to five years." In addition to the application in games, e-commerce and other scenes, the works of the eight teams that have won the Innovation experiment Award also cover many fields such as children's education, scientific research, video production, human efficiency management and so on.

Among them, the "across the river half wall" team is committed to the realization of AI for Science. They abstract the commonly used scientific computing tools as Agent Tool, abstract the detailed operations involved in the tools as functions that can interact with UI automatically, inject them into chat API as system prompts, and efficiently create a scientific research assistant "Sciencemate" with the support of Comate.

With high efficiency and high efficiency, "Sciencemate" redefines the new paradigm of scientific research. It can not only respond to scientific research problems at any time and make up for the shortcomings of cross-domain knowledge, but also provide practical scientific research tools that can fully support you to complete scientific research tasks efficiently.

Special Award: AI for Fun!

In order to let more good works be remembered, this hackathon has added a special prize, which was awarded to two interesting works, namely, Comate "AI Music Generator" by the music creators created by the Black Genesis team and Comate "Copilot" by the screenwriters developed by the "script Freedom" team.

In fact, what makes them "special" is much more than interesting. The Black Genesis team also has a keen technical sense of smell. The Natural Language to API used by AI Music Generator is also an important technology direction that top technology companies, including Microsoft, pay attention to and invest in. The "script Freedom" team is more business-savvy. They have an insight into the pain points of long text creation and choose a large model ChatGLM2 that is good at long text, so "masterpiece-Copilot" can better maintain the consistency of creation and show deep thinking in terms of technology and experience as well as business.

Chen Yang, chairman of Kaiyuan and chief product manager of Microsoft's data factory, stressed, "We are talking about artificial intelligence. AI for Fun represents a spirit, which is very important."

Gao Yang, co-founder of SegmentFault Sifu CEO and Answer, also added, "in this day and age, developers can create a lot of possibilities. The scoring logic of the competition has certain limitations, and in many cases, it is impossible to judge whether the work is good or not by score alone. I think every team that stands on the stage today is a winner and deserves encouragement. I hope you can enjoy the fun of creation."

As Cao Haitao, general manager of Intelligent Cloud Marketing, said at the opening ceremony, "generative AI continues to heat up, we are not bystanders, each of us is a Player, is one of the participants." Facing "build the future", this hackathon will run through the vision of "making generative AI work for me", empowering developers through the intelligent cloud Qianfan model platform.

Cao Haitao, General Manager of Intelligent Cloud Marketing

The techniques used by the contestants range from the most basic Prompt Engineering to the fine-tuning language model or RAG information enhancement, and many teams hope to make the language model more intelligent through methods similar to ReAct, as well as using Comate intelligent code assistant for efficient development and even inspiration.

Finally, Wu Jianmin, chief architect of intelligent cloud computing AIPaaS technology, concluded, "Today's work To C has some very interesting applications such as playing games and doing personal conversation assistants; To B also has commercial applications, even for operations and maintenance. All these applications are bound to break out on a larger scale in the future. From the point of view of our stage, the language model itself and the application derived from the language model is still in its infancy. I hope you can continue to maintain this enthusiasm and make a real native application that can lead to this era. "

Wu Jianmin, Chief architect of Intelligent Cloud Computing AIPaaS Technology

Let generative AI work for me to build a generation future that everyone can participate in. Like intelligent clouds, we hope to benefit from developers and everyone.

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