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Millet home fog-free humidifier 3 (1200) will be on sale at 10:00 tomorrow, with an initial price of 999 yuan

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! November 28 news, Xiaomi home fog humidifier 3 (1200) recently launched on the e-commerce platform, will start pre-sale at 10:00 tomorrow, the initial price is 999 yuan.

According to reports, the new Mijia fog-free humidifier is equipped with a 6L large water tank to support 1200mL pure humidification per hour to achieve rapid drying for 10 minutes. Sleep mode, the product supports automatic dark screen, deep noise reduction to 32dB (A), combined with 350mL / h humidification, to achieve long-term wetting at night.

In addition, the product has also passed the mother-to-child certification in China Home, equipped with suspended filter elements and automatic air-drying technology to reduce mildew and odor and other problems, the official declared that "UV-C sterilization rate ≥ 99%, silver ion antibacterial ≥ 99%".

The new product uses no lid to add water, the top is equipped with a LCD display, provides percentage humidity digital display and animated water progress bar, and the bottom is equipped with a hidden universal wheel for users to move. In addition, the product can also automatically adjust the amount of humidification according to the change of environmental humidity, and support the remote operation of Mijia App and Xiaoai speakers.

The 10th anniversary of Redmi and the launch of the K70 series of new products will be held at 7: 00 tomorrow evening. will continue to follow and bring detailed reports about Xiaomi's new products. Xiaomi home fog-free humidifier 3 (1200) 999RMB direct link

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