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Apple Apple Music launches 2023 annual review to show users' music listening data

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 28, Apple Music launched the 2023 Annual Review (Apple Music Replay 2023), which allows users to view their listening data in 2023, including their favorite songs, albums, artists, and so on.

Users can visit the Apple Music Replay website: on their devices to view their Apple Music 2023 annual review. noted that on this page, users can see a "highlight Collection" (Highlight Reel) to review their annual music listening statistics on Apple Music, including the total amount of time they listen to music, their favorite artists, their favorite songs, their favorite albums and their favorite genres.

Users can also swipe down to see the playlists they listen to most, as well as more detailed charts of their favorite albums, songs and artists. There is also a new "Milestones" feature that shows some of the music thresholds that users have reached this year.

Finally, Apple Music generates an in-depth playlist containing the user's favorite songs of the year. Users can access their own Apple Music Review playlist (Apple Music Replay playlist) in their music apps on iPhone. Just enter the "listen now" (Listen Now) tab and slide to the bottom. Users can also find their own Apple Music review playlists for the past few years. If users are regular users who have subscribed to Apple Music since 2015, the playlists can be traced back to 2015.

Apple Music reviews are available all year round, but today is the release day for a more in-depth and customized "highlight" feature. Users can easily share their listening data on social media by clicking the sharing icon in the lower right corner.

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