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Following the "screen burn", the stable version of One UI 6.0 shortens the battery life of Samsung phones.

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Shulou( Report--, November 29 (Xinhua)-- Samsung has released a stable update of One UI 6.0based on Android 14, and a number of models, including the Galaxy S23 series and the Galaxy A54, have been pushed.

After upgrading the One UI 6.0, users of the above models reported that there was a significant decline in battery life in addition to the lack of "anti-burning screen mechanism".

According to a Galaxy A54 mobile phone user, it usually takes 2 days before updating One UI 6.0.After the update, the average power loss is 1% in 7 minutes, and currently it can only be recharged once a day.

The owner of the Galaxy S23 series also reported that there was a problem with battery life, and sometimes the power saving mode could not be turned on. queried media reports that the problem should be improved within 10-15 days after the upgrade, which believes that this major version upgrade resets the battery optimization feature and takes a period of time to relearn to maximize efficiency.

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