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German shopping app OTTO is the first to use Google Android 14 native "screenshot detection" API: more clearly defined permissions and higher security

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Shulou( Report--, November 29 (Xinhua)-- Google introduced a native screenshot detection API called "DETECT_SCREEN_CAPTURE" in Android 14, and a German shopping App called OTTO has taken the lead in using the relevant API.

According to Adnroid Police, a foreign media source of ▲ images, when a user takes a screenshot in an OTTO application, a screenshot message appears in the lower left corner of the app, informing the app that the user's screenshot behavior has been detected. Users can also share or doodle the screenshot through the built-in shortcut feature. also noted that Google described the API as "capable of creating a more standardized screenshot detection experience" and improved security and refined rights management to prevent hackers from taking advantage of screenshot detection API vulnerabilities in third-party App to obtain user screenshot content.

▲ Google introduces the API information on the developer page, but there is room for improvement in this native screenshot detection API. Currently, it only supports the detection of screenshots performed by users using physical keys, but not the screenshots of users using shortcut menus.

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