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Xinhua 3: technological innovation that keeps pace with the times is the key to promoting SD-WAN to high-level intelligence.

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On November 25, the sixth SD-WAN & SASE Conference and Cloud Network Conference in 2023, sponsored by the Information and Communication Network Technology Committee of China Society of Communications and Jiangsu Future Network Innovation Research Institute, was held in Beijing. Xinhua Group, a subsidiary of Ziguang, was invited to attend several forums of the conference to fully share the full stack capability, refreshing upgrade and application practice of the WAN solution. And won the "SD-WAN & SASE excellent Application case" and "the most valuable Brand of the year" two awards, fully demonstrated the technology accumulation and industry recognition of Xinhua three in the network field.

Take user experience as the core

Xinhua San completes two major capability upgrades of WAN solution

At present, with the deep application of SD-WAN technology in energy, government, enterprises, and other industries, its maturity and practicality have been widely recognized by the market, and the focus of users has shifted from the technology itself to the application experience. At the site of the main forum, ao Xiangqiao, general manager of the intelligent management and operation and maintenance product line of Xinhua three groups, delivered a keynote speech on "Intelligent connection, excellent experience: SD-WAN accelerating Enterprise Network change", introducing the Xinhua Sanquan scenario and end-to-end WAN solution capabilities to the participants.

Ao Xiangqiao, General Manager of Intelligent Management and Operation and maintenance Product Line of Xinhua third Group

"SD-WAN has entered the stage of full landing, and user experience has become the next point of competition," Aoxiang said. "introducing a variety of innovative technologies and actively embracing AIGC will be the key driving force to promote the development of the WAN to a higher level of intelligence, providing users with an unprecedented high-quality experience." Accordingly, Xinhua III's WAN solution is also iterating and completing two core competency upgrades around the user experience.

● connection upgrade: the introduction of QUIC, SRv6, deterministic technology to make the user WAN connection more intelligent and flexible. The innovative application of QUIC technology (low-latency Internet transport protocol based on UDP) by Xinhua Group improves the efficiency and security of network transmission, doubles the network transmission efficiency of low-quality links, and achieves the router forwarding capacity leading the industry average of 75% and the number of branch connections leading the industry average of 20%. At the same time, Xinhua San also introduced SRv6 technology into SD-WAN, combined with the existing backbone SRv6 network to achieve end-to-end traffic scheduling, and made use of SRv6 programmability to achieve deterministic time slot mapping to ensure the WAN end-to-end deterministic delay and jitter.

● experience upgrade: combine data compression and AI technology to improve business application experience and operation and maintenance efficiency. Xinhua 3 provides a high-performance data compression solution that supports the whole scenario, achieving a veneer data compression and forwarding capability of up to 80g, helping enterprises save more than 30% of their bandwidth utilization. At the same time, through the construction of network digital map to achieve panoramic vision of enterprise network operation and maintenance, and enhance the operation and maintenance experience. In addition, in the face of the upsurge brought about by AIGC, Xinhua San also actively explored the use of AIGC for intelligent interactive innovation, and put it into practice in wide area network service launch, operation and maintenance guarantee, strategy optimization and other application scenarios, helping customers to achieve double improvement of application experience and operation and maintenance efficiency, laying the foundation for the realization of high-level self-intelligent network.

Deep integration of SD-WAN and IPv6 + technology

Will be the key to the future of the intelligent WAN.

In the face of ever-changing customer application scenarios, technological innovation that keeps pace with the times is the core competitiveness to solve customer pain points and enhance application experience. At the Technology Ecology Sub-Forum, Yang Wu, head of the Router Product Line system Department of Xinhua third Group, delivered a keynote speech on "SD-WAN Technology Innovation: from user Network experience to Intelligent Application Awareness".

Yang Wu, head of Router Product Line system Department of Xinhua third Group

Yang Wu expounded that the four core elements of WAN construction include carrying, experience, operation and security. Xinhua San comprehensively laid out the construction of WAN infrastructure, and made practical achievements in many IPv6+2.0 technology fields, such as multi-dimensional network slicing, iFIT current detection, deterministic network, etc., and became the first enterprise in the world to pass the "IPv6+ Ready 2.0 & SRv6 Ready" test certification developed by Tyre Laboratory of China Institute of Information Communication. Under the background of the deep integration of cloud computing and security, different industry scenarios have diversified requirements for the network. In the future, the network should have the ability of intelligent perception and continue to be flexibly arranged based on business scenarios and user intentions, so as to serve the business more succinctly, intelligently and efficiently. To this end, Xinhua San actively combines SD-WAN and IPv6 + technology, and innovates to introduce application-level network slicing, application-level flow detection, application-level security and built-in intelligent enabling elastic network slicing, to achieve centralized management and optimal utilization of CT / IT resources, improve network response speed and flexibility to services, and further promote the development of network intelligence with the help of AI policy recommendation and AI network element training.

SASE launches a new delivery model on SD-WAN security cloud

In the face of more and more complex and diverse security threats, the security access of enterprise multi-branch network is also evolving iteratively, and the proposal of SASE technology framework further expands the capability of SD-WAN, and the lighter service subscription delivery model will become an important direction of enterprise wide area network security construction in the future. At the Application Ecology Forum, Fu Zhiqiang, head of the Security Product Line system Department of Xinhua three Group, focused on sharing the next-generation WAN security solution with SASE as the core. He said that in addition to the improvement of network service capabilities such as global POP point coverage, cloud on multi-terminals, and intelligent CPE gateways, security access based on SASE should also have key security capabilities, namely, a full stack security resource pool of "security as a service", zero-trust access network to ensure fine-grained access control, and continuous security operation services. Xinhua three deeply integrates SD-WAN with security resource pool to create a real cloud native SASE solution, which provides a more efficient and secure solution for enterprise multi-branch networking.

Fu Zhiqiang, head of Safety Product Line system Department of Xinhua third Group

Facing the future, Xinhua 3 Group will continue to take the strategy of "Yunzhi Native" as the guide, uphold the concept of "intensive cultivation and pragmatism, and endow the times with wisdom". While promoting the iteration of SD-WAN technological innovation and comprehensive infrastructure layout, Xinhua Group will create a wide area network solution with better experience, safer business and more intelligent operation and maintenance for users, so as to promote a diversified and integrated network ecology.

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