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[open the box] gigabyte Snow Eagle 850PG5W Power supply Taste: pure White Faith, sea view room is a perfect match

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Shulou( Report--

White theme installation has always been a very hot existence in the DIY circle, with the development of installation culture, more and more consumers begin to pay attention to appearance. recently got a perfect power supply for white theme installation-gigabyte Snow Eagle 850PG5W power supply, and then bring you an out-of-the-box picture. In terms of packaging, it still continues the classic black-orange style of gigabyte, which contains a PCIe 5.0interface and supports high-power RTX30 and RTX40 graphics cards.

After unpacking, in addition to the power supply body, there is also a package of pure white customized full module flat wire, even the interface is white, the exposed part in the chassis is overall beautiful, and the hidden part is also easy to line up and receive.

In addition, the 600W power supply 12+4Pin graphics card connection cable adapted to the PCIe5.0 interface is packaged independently, and there is a 600W text prompt at the joint. The main part of the middle part of the cable is wrapped with a snakeskin "coat", and the part close to the plug is also designed for tightening.

Giga Snow Eagle 850PG5W power supply all white, 140*150*86mm size, built-in 12cm hydraulic bearing intelligent fan, support intelligent speed adjustment, longer life.

The design of the front of the power supply is very simple, only a few power supply models, series Logo and GIGABYTE logo, it looks more advanced.

The product sticker at the top of the power supply is printed with conspicuous yellow 80Plus gold certification Logo, product specific power supply parameter information and so on.

The back of the 850PG5W power supply is equipped with a separate power interface and power switch, and the rest is filled with hexagonal heat dissipation holes. The internal main capacitor adopts Japanese 105o capacitor and has multiple circuit protection functions such as OCP- overcurrent, OTP- overtemperature, OVP- overvoltage, OPP overload, SCP short circuit and UVP undervoltage, which has passed the mainstream safety specification certification.

In terms of interface, Tech Snow Eagle 850PG5W Power supply has a set of standard 24Pin motherboard power supply ports, 3 SATA or mechanical disk power supply ports, 3 standard 8Pin PCIE graphics card power supply ports, and a native PCIe5.0 power supply port, which supports the latest ATX3.0 protocol.

In terms of power supply, the 12VHPWR interface of Tech Jia Snow Eagle 850PG5W power supply can provide 600W power support for RTX40 and other PCI-E 5.0graphics cards, with a total output power of 850W.

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