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Microsoft has announced that it will bring new intelligence and important announcements in TGA, which is expected to be a compatibility program or new hardware for Xbox.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 29, according to IGN, Microsoft confirmed that Xbox will bring some "big news" to this year's TGA event. In a recent promotional email, Microsoft said it would make "major announcements and more Xbox news you don't want to miss" in TGA.

Although Microsoft did not specify what kind of Xbox news will be at the event, the company has many games in development and recently acquired Activision Blizzard after journalist Jez Corden claimed in a Xbox Two podcast that Microsoft had prepared "something" for the TGA awards ceremony.

Microsoft missed TGA last year, but in 2021, Microsoft brought a preview of "Blade of Hell II: the Legend of Sena" on TGA and unveiled Xbox Series X in 2019.

The court documents leaked in September revealed a number of companies' strategies for the next few years, and also found that Sarah Bond, the head of Xbox, posted a post on the X platform that revealed the Xbox 360logo and was expected to be a compatibility program or a new mainframe.

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