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Focus on improving product quality! Xiao Bear Electric Appliance builds a "quality" moat

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Shulou( Report--

Joseph Juran, a famous American quality management expert, once put forward the concept of "big Q and small Q". Big Q refers to the quality of enterprise products and services, which is related to the core competitiveness of the market. On the other hand, Xiao Q refers to the quality of enterprise's full-chain operation and business process, which is closely related to the development of long-term doctrine.

As far as enterprises are concerned, one is the obvious "external skill", and the other is the hidden "internal skill". It is this constant principle that is very effective in the field of small household appliances, which is particularly testing the quality and skills. Throughout the development cycle of small household appliances for many years, from the barbaric growth in the outbreak period to the differential competition in the stable period, only quality has become the only "ticket" that stands at the top of the industry and leads to the second half of the industry.

As the first stock of creative small household appliances, Little Bear Electric Appliance is a distinct example of "internal and external repair". This brand, which broke ground from the national manufacturing town, can rush all the way to listing in the track surrounded by the strong, and become a well-recognized brand among the broad masses of young people. Behind the key, Little Bear Electric Appliances in the industry cycle is constantly changing, casting from the inside to the outside of the "high-quality" brand moat.

To satisfy users' exquisite life experience with high-quality products.

The high-quality "external skill" of solid products is not only the key to meet the exquisite life experience of users, but also an important bottom force for Little Bear to continue to strengthen the rigid demand category and enlarge the emerging category. There is a distinct example. On the second floor of the Little Bear Electric Research and Development Center, the 2000-square-meter test and evaluation center is divided into a variety of laboratories, including a test laboratory designed to simulate various electromagnetic wave interactions. So what is the test control here? In fact, it is a detail that is difficult to detect in the user's life.

Once on the market, there have been a lot of kitchen appliances failure, but most brands do not care. However, Xiao Xiong Electrical Appliance professionals found that the products could not operate normally due to the strong electromagnetic interference caused by the products placed next to various refrigerators and induction cookers. To this end, Xiao Xiong Electric Appliances carries out strict testing for special projects in the professional laboratory, and effectively upgrades the product quality, around this small "user pain point" to overcome difficulties, only to find the best solution for users to exquisite life.

Invest fully in places where users are "out of sight" and take every quality control to the extreme, whether it is the harsh test of high temperature and humidity, or the repeated inspection of various tests of components, electronics, materials, environment, etc., Little Bear Electric Appliances has always taken good care of every pass for quality and guaranteed to give users the most satisfactory high-quality small household appliances. Nowadays, Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance has more than a dozen professional laboratories, such as performance laboratory, electronic laboratory, material laboratory, environmental laboratory, etc., and is equipped with a large number of high-precision modern testing instruments, and has built a perfect standardized quality control system. Strict control and continuous upgrading of product quality, performance, process details and other aspects.

Not only is the quality control, Little Bear's ingenuity of fine products is also reflected in every high-quality innovation around the needs of users. For example, by upgrading the intelligent stewing system of small bubbles, the small bubble curing pot of Little Bear Appliances makes the chassis heated more evenly, the food materials are not easy to clip and hard core, and the dense small bubbles produced during fever can better bring out the nutrition of the food. fully meet the delicate health needs of young people Xiao Bear Electric miscellaneous grain rice cooker, through intelligent constant temperature soaking technology, ceramic oil firewood kettle inner tank and other innovations, so that users do not need to soak rice manually in advance, but also can quickly eat delicious miscellaneous grain rice; and Xiao Bear Electric can disassemble and wash the wall machine. with the knife head removable patent and 10-fold noise reduction design, users can enjoy a bass and convenient healthy eating experience.

Good quality control and good innovation will finally lead to a better refined life experience. Today, Little Bear Appliances revolves around the life scenes of young people, such as clothing, food, housing, transportation, and so on, with diversified products to provide a high quality of life. In the mother-to-baby scene, Little Bear helps parents easily take care of their babies, multi-functional milk regulator brews rest assured milk for 30 seconds, and "grinding" cooking sticks help make fancy supplementary food; in the camping scene, Bear Electric is equipped with products such as cassette stoves, outdoor power supplies and outdoor fans, all of which are in place in one step; in the one-person food scene, Bear Electric 1.6L mini rice cookers bring just the right enjoyment of food and a sense of happiness in life. At present, Little Bear has won many honors such as Red Star Award, Red Dot Award and Epland Award, and applied for more than 1500 patents, all of which are sufficient to demonstrate its long-term practice of the concept of "boutique supremacy" and its "leading position" in landing results.

Become the first choice for users, accumulating profound internal skills from R & D to manufacturing.

Over the years, Little Bear has continued to produce "popular styles", from the beginning of the yogurt machine to now has more than 60 categories, covering kitchen appliances, household appliances, household products, personal care and baby products and other fields. In the past double 11 period, Little Bear Electrical Appliances achieved a high increase in sales in many categories, and a number of new products showed a bright eye, occupying the first place on the list of Tmall and platforms.

It is said that the gold cup and silver cup is not as good as the user's reputation, Little Bear Electric Appliance has become the user's first choice, how on earth is it done? In fact, all this stems from Little Bear's long-term "boutique strategy" as the traction, through the "mathematical intelligence" accumulation of profound internal skills.

For the small home appliance market, the changing speed of user demand is relatively fast, so it is particularly important to bring forth new "quality" and "efficiency". Based on this, Little Bear has built a forward-looking three-tier R & D system to ensure that each new product can accurately hit the market. Among them, first-level R & D tends to engineering technology development to ensure the stability of product technology and quality, etc.; second-level R & D focuses on the latest needs of the current market and continues to launch innovative products to meet the rapid landing and upgrading of creative products; third-level R & D is based on the former, more improvement and rapid response projects combined with manufacturing. It is precisely by virtue of the virtuous circle of innovation closed loop, so that Little Bear Electric Appliance can continue to harvest user recognition, achieve category expansion, scale expansion.

Not only that, Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance also improves quality and efficiency through the whole process of digitalization, further promotes the boutique of products, research and development, production and design, and supports the landing and extension of its boutique strategy. From the beginning of capturing the needs of users, Little Bear Electric Appliances has, through rich data, accurate innovative research and development around the areas that users need and pay most attention to, with more than 10 R & D teams and more than 300 professional R & D and technical personnel, to overcome difficulties for every user demand. In addition, Little Bear Appliance has always followed the aesthetic rhythm of young people. Through more than 10 design teams and more than 60 professional designers, Little Bear Electric Appliances has continuously iterated high-looking small household appliances through more than 10 design teams and more than 60 professional designers. In manufacturing, Little Bear Electric Appliances has five intelligent manufacturing bases, more than 70 production lines and two top domestic automatic production lines to achieve efficient landing transformation to meet the ever-changing needs of users.

Nowadays, under the tide of "intellectual change and digital transformation", Xiao Bear already has a solid digital base, with the way of process, data and system "three-wheel drive", through system construction and integration in various business fields of research, production, supply, marketing and finance, and making use of a new generation of digital platforms such as ERP, intelligent manufacturing platform and marketing business platform to promote the transformation of enterprises to digital and intelligent operation in all directions. From customers to issue orders, product manufacturing, production capacity, warehousing, distribution and other whole chains are interlinked, so that the enterprise as a whole to achieve coordination, quality and efficiency increase, can quickly respond to the market and efficiently meet users.

All in all, enterprises want to be deeply rooted in the market, and only with high-quality "internal and external repair" can they maintain stability in the uncertain industry cycle. For Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance, whether it is the high-quality improvement of products or the high-quality operation within the enterprise, everything is ultimately directed to meet the needs of users. And this is precisely where Little Bear Electric can build a quality moat, where the strength lies.

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