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Turn around in response to the "second-hand mobile phone yin and yang test report": attention was beaten, and support the return of the original purchase price from now on

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Shulou( Report--

Thank netizens for sharing and delivering clues about the past in the west window!, Nov. 29 (Xinhua)-- online celebrity Monkey celebrities said on November 28 that "a second-hand mobile phone issued a yin and yang test report", attracting attention.

According to the video recording, the famous monkey first spent 3112 yuan on a mobile phone in a transfer store, and then resold the same phone in another transfer store, but only sold it for 1990 yuan, a difference of 1122 yuan. After that, the famous monkey bought three more mobile phones in a transfer store, four of which cost a total of 13610 yuan, but when they were resold, they could only sell for 9567 yuan. noted that during the whole process of buying and selling the phone, the monkey said that the quality inspection report issued when the phone was transferred and sold showed that there was nothing wrong with the phone, but that when the same phone was recycled by transfer less than half an hour apart, it could detect "all kinds of defects."

In response, "Zhuan second-hand" issued a statement apologizing to the blogger Monkey celebrity and immediately organized an investigation. "turn second-hand" said that after the investigation, there were "slight scratches on the screen" and "camera spots" in the recycling tests. and led to a reduction in recycling prices.

The statement said that there was an operational error in turning around on the "spotted camera", while the judgment of "slight scratches on the screen" was due to subjective differences in the color judgment of different shop assistants.

"turn second-hand" said that second-hand goods and new products are different, the machine condition of each machine is different, this "non-standard" characteristic also leads to the objective color judgment varies from person to person. But these are not excuses. If you hurt the user experience, you should stand at attention and be beaten. We will further strengthen the training of quality inspection standards, and constantly improve the accuracy and unity of the relevant staff in the detection of second-hand non-standard products, as well as the technical operation level of store personnel.

In addition, "transfer second-hand" said that from now on, all stores across the country will open a "seven-day unexplained return" service for second-hand goods, which will be returned at the original purchase price and will no longer be re-inspected, and the resulting depreciation cost will be borne by the transfer. The transfer recycling business allows users to terminate the transaction at any time. "whether by mail, store or door-to-door, once you are not satisfied with the transferred quotation, you can stop the transaction at any time without any additional fee. We send the original back through the recycling machine, and the mailing cost will be borne by the transfer."

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