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0.9 yuan per piece to taste fresh: 10 pieces of fresh flower cakes in Dai Township Garden in Yunnan Province take off with an impulse of 9.9 yuan.

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [Dai Xiang Yuan flagship store]

Yunnan specialty: Daixiang Garden Rose Flower Cake 30g*10 daily price 29.9 yuan, today's store full 29.9 yuan cut 15 yuan.

Add 5 yuan plus coupons and pay 9.9 yuan for free delivery, equivalent to 0.99 yuan per piece for a good bottom impulse:

Tmall Dai Garden Rose Cake Yunnan specialty 30g*10 coupons after 9.9 yuan 5 yuan coupons to eat double red roses + mellow lard + layers of pastry, as breakfast, afternoon tea, snacks are very good.

With a shelf life of 60 days, eat it as soon as possible. 's third-party store sells 11.8 yuan, equivalent to 1.18 yuan per piece: click here to see.

Ingredient list

Introduction to baby

Tmall Dai Garden Rose Flower Cake Yunnan specialty 30g*10 coupons 9.9 yuan 5 yuan coupons

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