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AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB was invited to share the practice of global database replacement of core business system.

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Recently, AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database has been invited to participate in the live broadcast salon of the third phase of "domestic hardware and Software upgrade and replacement" organized by IT168 with its rich core business system upgrade and replacement capabilities and experience. The person in charge of AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database delivered a wonderful speech on "AntDB-based CRM global database replacement practice". Through the innovative practice of CRM global database replacement, the communications industry took the lead in completing the innovative practice of CRM global database replacement, and discussed with colleagues in the industry what methodologies can be used for reference in the process of core software and hardware replacement and upgrading, and how to effectively fill the hole to protect against lightning at the practical level.

Rich experience in domestic upgrading and transformation

AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database is a database product independently developed by AsiaInfo Technology Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "AsiaInfo Technology"). It was officially launched in 2008 to provide data management capabilities and services for the core billing system of communication operators. At the same time, AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database is also a strategic product for AsiaInfo Technology to join the industry.

In September 2019, in response to the call of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, AsiaInfo Science and Technology, in cooperation with the relevant governments and state-owned assets departments of Hunan Province and Changsha City, set up Hunan AsiaInfo Anhui Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "AsiaInfo Anhui"), a professional company specializing in the innovation industry, and officially started the independent operation of AsiaInfo Anhui and the independent operation of AntDB in 2022.

Figure 1: evolution of AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database

Up to now, AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database has completed eight major version upgrades. It has been running smoothly for 15 years in the core business system of communication operators, serving more than 1 billion end users and processing more than one million communication core transaction data per second. It is a witness and participant in the upgrading and transformation of business systems in the communications industry. It not only helps customers in the communications industry to achieve the "first" breakthrough in the upgrading and transformation of multiple business systems in the industry. It also helps customers in transportation and other industries to take the lead in completing the upgrading of core business systems.

Figure 2: typical customers of AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database

In the live broadcast salon of "the Road of upgrading and replacement of domestic Software and hardware", in view of the difficulties in the process of localization, the person in charge of AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database shared passionately from the practical level, providing real methods and experience for the upgrading and replacement of domestic software and hardware.

Difficulties in upgrading and reforming the database of core business system

The person in charge of AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database said that although domestic software and hardware are constantly evolving from "basic availability" to "easy to use", for customers, domestic software and hardware upgrade and replacement, to some extent, are still replacing mature products with immature products. In order to reduce the risk of upgrade and replacement, they will also face the problem of bilateral investment in the parallel period in the short term, so how to replace It's very important where to start to replace.

The core business system database is an important basic software for the lifeblood of a relational enterprise. If we find a way to upgrade it smoothly, it will be very easy to upgrade the global database of the business system. So, what are the difficulties in upgrading the core business system? According to the actual upgrade and replacement experience, the person in charge of AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database will interpret it from three aspects: research and development, engineering, operation and maintenance.

There is a large amount of R & D-application system transformation: object attribute difference, field attribute difference, syntax difference, physical model transformation, application transformation, database cutting and connection, supporting data exchange capacity building, etc.

Engineering-splicing business has great impact: database is the core service of IT system. Cross-database splicing involves data accuracy, data persistence security, complex cross-database splicing technology, time-consuming data verification and long downtime window. Core database splicing business has a great impact.

Operation and maintenance-lack of maturity stability risk: late development, little accumulation, no large-scale high concurrency practice; SQL optimizer is relatively weak, weak support for complex SQL; with the hardware environment, the system environment needs to be further run-in; logs, performance views, operation and maintenance tools and other related supporting operation and maintenance capabilities are not perfect.

In view of these difficulties, the person in charge of AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database also put forward the idea of migration and replacement of AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB in practice, as shown in figure 3.

Figure 3: migration and replacement ideas and time planning of AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB in practice

Why choose AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB for global database replacement in CRM system?

Telecom CRM system carries the core of customer-oriented management in operator support system, which involves many fields such as marketing, sales realization, customer service and so on. The database replacement of telecom CRM system has the characteristics of large scale of users, various services, complex processes and so on. CRM system as the core trading system of operators, the database usage scene is relatively fixed, with more emphasis on performance and stability. A provincial company of China Mobile made a comprehensive evaluation from three aspects: independent dimension, technical dimension and ecological dimension, and finally determined to use AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database to upgrade and transform the CRM system database.

From the perspective of autonomy, AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB is a database product born in response to the needs of the operator's core business scenarios. Every line of code of the first generation product comes from the engineers of AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database to meet the requirements of independent innovation in the upgrading and transformation of the core database.

From the technical perspective, AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB was born and directly applied to the core system of the communication industry. It is a database product growing up in the production environment of the operator's core system. It can iteratively upgrade the product technology with the development of communication technology and the change of scenario requirements of the communication industry.

From the ecological perspective, AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB not only supports the PG core with great global influence, community prosperity, high openness and the fastest ecological growth, but also has a high degree of adaptation to upstream and downstream domestic software and hardware.

Global database replacement scheme of CRM business system based on AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB

In this speech, the person in charge of AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB brought the global database replacement plan for the CRM business system of a certain province of China Mobile, and explained in detail the technological innovation in the plan.

Figure 4: high availability scenario architecture

Highly available scenarios:

L each set of foreign commercial databases is replaced by the stand-alone AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database (the deployment architecture is one master and two backups).

The database nodes are distributed in two computer rooms, and adbhamgr+adbdcs components are used for high availability management. The master node can be switched automatically when the master node fails, and adbhamgr+adbdcs ensures high availability.

Figure 5: heterogeneous database migration scenario

Heterogeneous database migration scheme:

L incremental synchronization: before downtime, use synchronization tools to synchronize all foreign commercial database data to AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database; subsequent synchronization tools continue to synchronize incremental data in Oracle to AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database; when splicing, you only need to synchronize the last increment, that is, to complete data synchronization.

Conclusion: the 96% highly compatible AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database is highly compatible with the original database syntax and functions of foreign commercial databases, saving the cost and cost of migration and saving costs for customers. After migration, the performance of domestic databases is improved by 13% compared with the original environment, and the failure rate is 0 after launch.

Technological Innovation brought about by Global Database replacement in CRM system

During the implementation of the program, the AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database has the following innovations worth paying attention to:

1. Build SQL parsing engine to greatly improve the compatibility of foreign commercial databases

AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB 6.0 implemented six version upgrades during the splicing pilot process, and built an independent foreign commercial database syntax parser on the basis of native Postgresql syntax parsing, realizing the compatibility of syntax, functions and features of foreign commercial databases, reducing more than 20,000 code modifications and greatly reducing the workload of application adaptation.

two。 Separation of database read and write to improve database carrying capacity

The read-write separation architecture is implemented based on AntDB+DBProxy to achieve the bottleneck that can not be broken through in the existing single database. After the read-write separation is fully online, the query volume from the slave database is about 75%, and the CPU load of the main database is reduced by 53%, which greatly improves the overall performance.

Figure 6: read-write separation architecture diagram

In addition to the above technological innovations, in order to solve the problems of sub-transaction performance during splicing, conflicts between slave database reading and master database, ARM server lse atomic instructions, etc., the performance of AsiaInfo AntDB database has also been greatly optimized and greatly improved (for more information, please see official account download speech PPT).


In the live salon of this issue of "the Road to domestic hardware and Software upgrade and replacement", the practical experience and methods of upgrade and replacement shared by AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB won the unanimous attention and praise of the speakers and live viewers, which enhanced the participants' confidence in the upgrading and replacement of domestic software and hardware. It is believed that AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB upgrade and replacement scheme will help more industry enterprises to achieve database innovation and upgrading.

About AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database

The AsiaInfo Anhui AntDB database, which began in 2008, provides online services to more than 1 billion users in 24 provinces across the country on the operator's core system, with product features such as high performance, flexible expansion and high reliability, with a peak capacity of handling millions of telecom core transactions per second, ensuring the system's continuous and stable operation for nearly a decade, and successfully landing commercial applications in communications, finance, transportation, energy, Internet of things and other industries.

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