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Amazon launches the official version of the AI programming tool CodeWhisperer to detect vulnerabilities in the code

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) Amazon launched a preview version of AI programming tool CodeWhisperer in June last year, and Amazon released the official version of CodeWhisperer at today's "AWS re:Invent 2023" event.

Amazon claims that after more than a year of improvements, developers have added a number of new features to CodeWhisperer, including the ability to "discover and fix code vulnerabilities" and added "infrastructure as a code (Infrastructure as Code,IaC)" support to allow Visual Studio 2022 to use. has previously reported that CodeWhisperer is an AI programming tool centered on machine learning technology and trained using open source libraries, Amazon home libraries, API files, and billions of lines of code in the forum. The tool supports Python, Java and JavaScript, and provides a series of code suggestions based on the developer's coding style and variable names.

Amazon has previously added a built-in security scanning function to the preview version of CodeWhisperer, which can find vulnerabilities such as credential exposure or log injection, while the official version of CodeWhisperer announced by Amazon today adds a full vulnerability analysis function, further uses AI to detect possible vulnerabilities in code, and provides a series of code suggestions to allow developers to fix vulnerabilities in advance to avoid being taken advantage of by hackers.

It is reported that after a vulnerability is found, CodeWhisperer will provide exclusive repair suggestions according to the user's code, and developers can accept the suggestion to fix the vulnerability quickly. Currently, this vulnerability analysis feature supports Java, Python, JavaScript,TypeScript, C#, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CDK, HashiCorp Terraform and so on.

In terms of "infrastructure as code", CodeWhisperer claims to enhance developers' scripting efficiency, and developers can use it on platforms such as AWS CloudFormation, AWS CDK and HashiCorp Terraform to write infrastructure code efficiently. Officials said that because CodeWhisperer supports a variety of "infrastructure as code" languages, it can promote collaboration and consistency among different teams.

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