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Canon imagePROGRAF TM series wide format printer released for CAD, poster, etc.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens Hippophae rhamnoides for the clue delivery! November 29 news, Canon today announced the launch of six new 5-color imagePROGRAF TM series large format printers for the CAD and poster output market:

ImagePROGRAF TM-5355 / TM-5350 / TM-5340 for A0 + Printing

ImagePROGRAF TM-5255 / TM-5250 / TM-5240 for A1 + output

Canon said that the new product comes standard with Canon's new magenta ink, which is suitable for a variety of printing applications, from architectural and design drawings, retail and restaurant posters to school classroom displays, and can meet the needs of users for a variety of purposes, from scanning, photocopying and printing to direct printing of stored documents.

According to reports, the imagePROGRAF TM series of large format printers use a flat-top design that is easy to roll paper, and are equipped with a device cover with a higher degree of perspective, making it easier to see the width and status of the paper roll.

At the same time, the new TM series also supports users to complete a series of operations such as paper installation, ink cartridge replacement, print removal, drawing scanning, etc., especially in the process of paper installation, paper transfer, paper shape detection / confirmation, width detection / confirmation, margin estimation confirmation can be completed automatically, further reducing the workload of users.

In addition, the large screen touch panel can display the width and type of paper, as well as the margin of web and ink, and the tilt angle of the screen can be adjusted according to the user's visual angle, so that the user can grasp the status of the device at any time. Avoid printing stagnation and waste of consumables caused by paper exhaustion.

At the same time, the six new products released this time have their own features and can meet the needs of different users and a variety of application scenarios. The official introduction of is as follows:

ImagePROGRAF TM-5350 has the advantages of fast printing speed, high production capacity and high performance-to-price ratio. after connecting the economical scanner Lm Scanner with convenient operation, users can copy and scan without a computer, the original files within the thickness of 0.8mm can be scanned directly and easily, and the scanned data can be easily stored on U disk, which is suitable for users in the picture and text market.

ImagePROGRAF TM-5340/5240 is easy to use and low procurement cost, and is friendly to low print volume users such as manufacturing, design institutes, OA, units, etc.

ImagePROGRAF TM-5250, imagePROGRAF TM-5355/5255 are suitable for users with large print volume or big data file output, their configuration hard disk, can achieve U disk direct printing, with high performance.

▲ flat roof design with high perspective equipment cover plate

▲ tilting large screen touch display panel

The imagePROGRAF TM series of large format printers are equipped with a new image processing engine "L-COA PRO II" that allows devices to quickly start from sleep and print at high speed when printing posters and drawings. When printing continuously, "imagePROGRAF TM-5355/5350" can achieve the continuous output speed of 3.2ppm, which is 28% faster than the previous model.

In addition, the imagePROGRAF TM series of large format printers with a new version of the Direct Print Plus software can achieve one-click output of blueprints, and can communicate with the printer in real time, automatically mapping the paper installation information obtained to the printing settings of the software, and printing can be completed in one step, greatly reducing the steps of the user's printing operation.

After the printing job is sent, the computer side can also know the status of printing progress, error prompts, alarm messages, etc., when the paper margin is less than the amount of paper needed for the printing job, the paper replacement can be completed through the prompted information, which can reduce the downtime caused by the exhaustion of paper.

In terms of color, the imagePROGRAF TM series of large format printers are equipped with the newly developed magenta ink, which has a wider color gamut in the red area, and is more attractive when outputting poster images based on red; at the same time, with the new color comparison table of Canon, it can achieve vivid image reproduction and clearer contrast, which will effectively make the CAD drawings highlight corrections, revisions or show key technical notes more clearly. Customers who print posters can print without borders using the entire reel width, thus reducing the time it takes to trim the margins after printing.

In addition, the waterproof panchromatic pigment ink can keep the poster bright for a long time, which can well meet the needs of outdoor use and long-term preservation of important documents. The standard "color calibration function" can achieve stable color reproduction by correcting individual differences in the print head and changes in the output color over time.

▲ bright color poster output helps retail stores attract customers the imagePROGRAF TM series of large format printers is the first printer to remove polystyrene foam packaging from the printer and pack it in recycled corrugated paper. At the same time, the new design significantly reduces the operating noise in the printing process, and the working noise of the imagePROGRAF TM-5340/5240 is reduced to about 39dB, which is about 1Comp3 of the traditional model.

▲ new full cardboard environmental protection packaging

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