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Using tables to "mix picture and text" in Word

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Shulou( Report--

At work, we often typeset pictures and text in Word documents, which is what we often call "mixed typesetting of pictures and text". How to arrange it?

Here, Mr. Yi will share a little idea with you, using the table to help us with "mixed arrangement of picture and text". How to operate it? let's take a look at it!

01, picture and text mixed 1, we first insert a table, enter "insert"-"table"-"insert table", set to 2 columns, 8 rows.

2, select the table, and then "right"-"Table Properties"-"options"-uncheck "automatically resize to fit the content"-"OK", and then adjust the middle division line of the table.

3. Insert the picture in the cell on the left in turn.

After inserting the picture, it looks like this, as shown below:

Then, we add the title and text content to the table, as shown below:

4. Select the entire table, enter "start"-"paragraph"-"Border", and set the border to "No frame".

The final effect is as follows:

What we teach you here is mainly the train of thought, using the form we can control the picture and text very well, and then cancel the border of the form finally. According to this train of thought, we can use it flexibly according to our own needs!

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: Word Technology Alliance (ID:Wordlm123), author: Yi Xuelong

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