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The new 200W Zhi Chong magic box Ultra of the Green Federation is on the shelves with a price of 599 yuan.

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! November 29 news, the Green Federation's new 200W smart charger Ultra gallium nitride charger is now on the shelves, with four USB-C ports, a USB-An and two three-hole AC ports, priced at 599 yuan. collates the Green Federation's new 200W smart charger box Ultra as follows:

This desktop charging station uses gallium nitride technology and supports the latest PD3.1 protocol. The USB-C single port supports up to 140W power and is equipped with a 240W fast charging line.

In addition, Green Alliance's new 200W smart charger box Ultra also has the function of USB 2.0 HUB docking station. By connecting the PC device through the fourth USB-C interface, you can read the data of the device connected to the USB-An interface on the charger. Green Union Gallium Nitride Charger 200W smart charger box 599 yuan direct link

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