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Hongmeng ecological talent supply and demand docking, Baobao bus and Chuanyi Zhuoyue reached talent strategic cooperation.

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Shulou( Report--

A few days ago, Baobao bus announced that it would work with Huawei to promote the development of the core function version of Hongmeng's original application, in order to accelerate the progress of talent reserve and adaptation of Hongmeng, recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement on Hongmeng ecological talents with Fuzhou Chuanyi Zhuoyue Vocational skills training School Co., Ltd. (referred to as Chuanyi Zhuoyue). In the agreement, Chuanyi Zhuoyue provides targeted Hongmeng talent supply and Hongmeng technology / talent training for Baby bus.

This talent cooperation mode will provide strong talent and technical support for the follow-up development of Baby bus's native applications, help Baby bus break through the technical boundaries, realize the interconnection of full scene information, and bring users a cross-terminal enlightenment experience, so that children can use mobile phones, tablets, speakers, smart screens, children's watches, cars and other smart terminals anytime and anywhere. Get good-sounding, good-looking and fun digital enlightenment content.

(first from right: Lu Xueming, co-founder and head of App Division of Baobao bus, second from right: Zou Minhua, head of Human Resources Department of Baobao bus, middle: Wu Feng, Deputy General Manager of Chuanyi Zhuoyue, first from left: ou Zhongliang, Technical Director of Chuanyi Zhuoyue)

Wu Feng, deputy general manager of Chuanyi Zhuoyue, said: "the Hongmeng talent training course has been launched and registration is open to the vast number of developers in the community. In the short term, there is still a big gap in Hongmeng's talent demand. HarmonyOS brings more opportunities for the career development of developers, and many enterprises start recruitment at a salary of 35% more than 50% of the market. With the gradual landing of Hongmeng's native applications, more and more developers will join them in the future. "

Since Huawei announced on September 25 that the new HarmonyOS NEXT was ready to launch and Hongmeng's native application was launched in an all-round way, enterprises and developers in many fields such as travel and social networking have announced one after another to join Hongmeng Ecology, forming a prosperous scene of "Hongmeng with thousands of sails".

From the offering of Hongmeng courses in 21 985 universities such as Tsinghua University and Wuhan University, to the recent urgent recruitment of Hongmeng talents by Internet companies such as Meituan and NetEase, more and more leading enterprises, such as Sina News, Ali Nails, Little Red Book, bilibili and so on, have announced that they will start the development of Hongmeng native applications, and vocational training institutions such as Bosai and Chuanyi have launched a number of Hongmeng talent empowerment exchange activities. It is not difficult to see the huge development potential and market prospects of Hongmeng ecology as well as the blowout of talent demand.

In terms of talent construction, Huawei has, as always, fully invested. As of August 2023, Huawei has cooperated with more than 300 universities across the country to build more than 140 industry-university cooperative education programs. The number of Hongmeng ecological courses on the shelves of Huawei developers Alliance has exceeded 460, and the cumulative number of students has exceeded 1.7 million. In the future, Huawei will join hands with more innovative technology enterprises, universities and professional institutions to provide developers with richer course teaching resources and help to create a more vitality base for Hongmeng ecological talents.

For more information about Hongmeng courses and talent certification, you can go to the website of Huawei developer Alliance School to learn HarmonyOS development courses, obtain professional competency certificates, and enter the Hongmeng world together to build Hongmeng ecology!

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